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Shine and Sparkle with Costume Jewelry and Bling for Halloween

Were you aware when the suspenseful music intensified? Maybe you were too busy listening to the pounding of your heart in your ears and your knuckles going white from clenching the blanket so tight. It as if time stood still as she reached for the doorknob and you pulled your blanket over your head. The ringing of the doorbell is overshadowed by her excruciating scream and your high-pitched shrieks.

There are two types of people on Halloween. Whether you choose to stay in or brave the night, Halloween is in the details from horror films and savory snacks, mountains of candy, spiked punch from the witch’s cauldron, to choosing the right accessories to complete your store-bought or DIY costume. If you decided to accessorize your Halloween costume and looking for Halloween fashion jewelry, you found the right place. Check out our Halloween costume jewelry collection (scroll up) and don't forget to use the promo code: HALLOWEEN20 to get a 20% Off discount off your full order at checkout.


Costume vs Fashion Jewelry

  • Affordability. Wait, what is costume jewelry? Costume jewelry is an inexpensive way to accessorize this Halloween season. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on gold chains and diamond rings when there are alternatives that allow you to purchase more for the equivalent price. Niv's Bling offers well-constructed cheap costume jewelry that captures the essence and beauty of diamond pieces in the form of costume jewelry rings and costume jewelry earrings. Costume jewelry sets that can last for several years means they are well crafted and well maintained. Niv's Bling offers quality chains, in your choice of gold, rose gold, black gold, or silver, that can be layered to extend their longevity. In addition, inexpensive costume jewelry allows you to experiment with textures, colors, and styles to match with the costume as well as everyday fashion, all guilt-free due to the affordability.


Hot Hip Hop Jewelry Collection
Tap the image to see the hot hip hop jewelry collection


  • Variety. Teachers had a tendency to create unimaginable scenarios to accommodate lengthy math problems. For example, if you are given 3 shirts, 2 pants and 4 pairs of socks, how many combinations can you make? At the time, it seemed ridiculous but the best costume jewelry requires you to remember those math skills again to navigate the unparalleled variety in terms of colors and styles. This is because fashion jewelry utilizes stones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires and even diamonds whereas costume jewelry utilizes synthetic stones. The synthetic stones are composed of rhinestone, glass, cubic zirconia or synthetic crystals, which can be mimicked by precious stones. Niv's Bling uses Cubic Zirconia (CZ) which is an affordable alternative to a diamond. 

In terms of necklaces, bracelet, bands and other accessories, quality costume jewelry consists of metal alloys. These metal alloys are coated with gold, silver, rhodium or platinum. Without sacrificing quality, additional materials include nylon fiber, plastic acrylic and even natural materials such as wood, shell or stones which allows for an extensive array of choices. Getting overwhelmed and can’t find what you’re looking for? Niv's Bling uses jeweler’s brass plated with real 14k or 18k gold, and this is the best option you can find looking for an affordable costume jewelry

Hip Hop Celebrity Jewelry CollectionTap the image to see the hip hop celebrity jewelry collection


  • Versatility. As children transition into adolescence, it feels as if Halloween costumes go from one-hit wonders to utilizing them in any way possible.  You may not want to wear a suit of armor to Sunday service, but you can utilize your fashion costume jewelry to accessorize. Due to the endless combinations, it is not uncommon to see someone wear costume jewelry necklaces at a formal event such as a wedding. Costume jewelry has the versatility to take your wardrobe from day to night for a number of occasions! Since Halloween has become also an adult holiday more and more adults looking for an opportunity to accessorize their costumes. 


How to Style

Below you will find a couple of examples on how to accessorize this Halloween season using costume jewelry.

  • Hippie. Are you a fan of glitter and metallics who loves psychedelic beats? Is Jimi Hendrix nourishing your soul? The hippie style might be the one for you. Bohemian look never gets old. Is your free spirit yearns to be expressed not just through fashion, but also through jewelry? The 18k Gold Iced Out Weed Pendant with Box Chain will be an excellent addition to your hippie style.


18k Gold Iced Out Weed Pendant with Box ChainTap the image to see the weed pendant


This iced out weed pendant is the perfect accessory that you can wear everyday. This item is made of a jeweler's brass and has a premium 18k gold plating. It is hypoallergenic and lead/nickel free. 

  • Barber from Sweeny Todd. Do you love Tim Burton and want to look like Sweeney Todd from Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street? If you are a fan of Victorian era and feel that it is appropriate to dressed up as a serial killer for Halloween, go for it. The costume of Sweeney Todd is asking for something shinny and meaningful. Adding the 18K White Gold Iced Out Barber Pole With Box Chain, will definitely complete the style. Adding some bling to your costume will make it special and memorable.


18K Gold Iced Out Barber Pole With Box ChainTap the image to see the barber pendant


This iconic pendent will be ready for you to wear not only during Halloween but whenever you want to wear it. Every hip hop celebrity or professional athlete have their trusted barbers. The barber’s trade has a long history. For example, in ancient Egypt barbers were highly respected people. The barber as a profession has been around since 1893, but this Barber pole jewelry piece still symbolizes the same meaning today. 

  • Priest or nun. There is a substation number of clerical options for a man or a woman of the cloth for Halloween. You can find a variety of clerical Halloween costumes online or in your local Spirit Halloween store. Some of them are relatively standard, some are sexy, and some are seriously Papal.


18k Gold Mini Jesus Piece 1z With Box ChainTap the image see the Jesus piece


It is up to you which one you want to wear, but all of them will require a symbolical piece of jewelry, which typically is a cross. Selecting one of the hip hop crosses from Niv’s Bling will guarantee that you will have a good size, beautiful cross that is not going to break your budget. One of the popular crosses that you can select to complete your costume is the 18k Gold Jesus Cross 1 With Rope Chain. This super iced-out 18k gold Jesus cross pendant chain is a piece of jewelry that you simply will not be able to hide in your jewelry box when Halloween is over. With 258 stones set in pure 18k gold, the cross signifies everything the hip hop culture stands for – success, style and strength.

  • Criminal mastermind or thief. If you want to be a criminal mastermind or a thief for Halloween, your options are endless. The costume will require a ski mask, gloves and some black clothes. You can find a bag with a dollar sign to convince everyone that you just rubbed a bank. Certainly you want to complete your costume with a jewelry that will be appropriate for your style and meaningful. You want to look like a smart thief who knows how to dodge bullets. Niv’s Bling offers this bold 18k Gold Iced Out Bullet with Rope Chain that will be a perfect addition your style.


18k Gold Iced Out Bullet with Rope ChainTap the image to see the bullet pendant


This iced out bullet piece is an exceptional piece that you want to have in your collection of hip hop jewelry. Underneath each stone of this pendent is a breathing hole that allows light to reflect and refract, creating a brighter shine in the stones, which makes this piece a winner for your Halloween costume. 

    • Hip Hop Celebrity. There are a number of hip-hop celebrities to pull inspiration from this Halloween season. But if you're going to be a hip-hop celebrity such as 2 Chainz, there is only one way to do it and that is to go big! 2 Chainz is best known for layering multiple gold chains and pendants.


    18K Gold Rope ChainTap the image to see the gold chain necklace


    You can purchase chunky costume jewelry necklaces at Niv's Bling. A popular seller is the 18K Gold Rope Chain. The gold chain is iconic in the hip-hop industry and is a great foundation to layer other pieces on top of it. Niv's Bling 18k Gold Rope Chain is composed of stainless steel with a 18k IP gold plated finish. The 18k White Gold 1 Row 5MM Iced out Chain is a great piece to layer on top due to the contrasting finish and pop of diamonds. The piece is composed of stainless steel with a 18k white gold-plated finish. However, fellas if you are looking for something unique to impress the ladies, I recommend layering with the 18k Black Gold 1 Row 12MM Iced Out Chain. This chain is composed of brass with a 18k black gold-plated finish. Niv’s Bling has a wide selection of hip hop costume jewelry that can be worn alone or layered. 

    • Jungle Goddess. A feline is a Halloween classic for many. You wear your best black outfit, put on cat ears and paint whiskers on your face. Niv's Bling has an elite Safari Collection to take you from classic to unleashing your inner beast as a Jungle Goddess from rings to costume jewelry bracelets.


    18k Gold Tiger Lion Pendant with Rope ChainTap the image to see the tiger pendant


    The 18k Gold Iced Dual Panther Jaguar Ring is a perfect piece to make a statement. The ring weighs 11 g and is composed of brass with a 18k gold plated with cubic zirconia. The ring is best paired with the 18k Gold Tiger King Lion Pendant Rope Chain to establish your dominance. The chain is composed of jeweler's brass with a 18k gold plated finish. The lion pendant is composed of cubic zirconia which compliments the dual panther jaguar ring. If you are looking for something unique, Niv's Bling has a 18k Gold Iced out Bald Eagle Pendant with Box Chain


    18k Gold Iced Out Medusa Pendant with Box ChainTap the image to see the Medusa pendant


    Come on, who doesn’t love the villain? From her hissing snake locks to her beauty, have your friends stop in their tracks as they admire your chain. The chain is composed of brass with a 14k gold plating finish. The chain also comes in a white gold finish and can be accessorized with the gold plated or white gold plated ring, for example, with this one: 18K Gold Plated Iced Out Medusa Ring

      Feeling inspired? Make sure to shop at Niv’s Bling when you’re searching for quality costume jewelry for sale.

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