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Tips for Determining Your Ring Size for Your Engagement Ring

Posted on August 11 2016

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How do you determine the exact ring size for an engagement ring?

Getting the exact ring size is not easy since there are a lot of things that needs to be considered. Many think determining a person’s ring size is a no-brainer task. And why wouldn’t it be? Those shopping for rings would simply visit a shop, pick out their ring of choice and try it on their finger to see if it fits or not. If the ring fits snugly in the finger then the work of the jeweler is done now that the ring size has been determined. Many people would also assume that all these would take place in just a couple of minutes.

Well, unfortunately this isn’t the whole picture because figuring out the correct ring size involves a lot more work and it isn’t just a matter of randomly picking out rings that won’t slide off your finger. You have to take a few things into consideration that could possibly affect your ring sizing. Examples often overlooked include weight loss or weight gain, room temperature, current body temperature, arthritis, a previous injury to the joints of your finger, water retention, and hand moisture level among others. These are the things you have to take into account when fitting rings. All these can affect getting the right finger size for your engagement ring.

Before you can figure out your correct finger size, you first have to check if your hands are cool or warm to the touch. We all know that if we go outside in the frigid winter our body starts to chill and our rings tend to slip off as our body condense in response to the drop in temperature. On the other hand, when the temperature begins to rise our body fluids expand and as a result it makes our rings fit perfectly around our finger.

Another variable that gets disregarded a lot is water retention and this is particularly true among women during their monthly period. Sometimes how a ring fits depends on the time of the month, there are days when the rings are tight and there are other days when they’re looser.

Arthritis in fingers is also a variable worth considering when picking out a ring size. Dealing with this can pose a challenge for the jeweler because it is difficult for the ring to get past the abnormal size of the knuckles. It is worth considering the millimeter width of the ring shank.

As a rule, the wider the shank, the bigger the ring size. As an example, let’s assume your usual ring size is seven and the millimeter width size of the shaft is 4 millimeters or even larger. What you should do is to add a half size to your usual finger size in order to make up for the size of the ring.

When getting a finger size for a ring that is topped with a large stone or a diamond the ring has to be fitted tightly at the knuckle area. If for instance the knuckle is relatively large and the actual finger is small in size the jeweler will have to customize a stainless steel ring. The reason why jewelers choose this type of metal is because of its tensile strength.

Nowadays, many women’s wedding rings are made in two pieces where one is given to her to wear as an engagement ring when accepting the marriage proposal. Later, the second one is given to her during the actual wedding ceremony. The two rings combined usually match and look like one stunning piece of jewelry. Make sure to be extra careful with the sizing if you are getting a 2 piece set!

Hopefully these tips help you find the perfect engagement ring size!

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