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18k White Gold Jesus Pieces, Angel Pendants, Lion Pendants, and More!

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Because we try to offer all of our jewelry in multiple colors, we have a large array of silver pendant pieces on display. Our silver pendants embody a lustrous and modern style through the iced out nature along with their updated styling. Get one of our beautifully crafted and timeless silver pendants today.


What Separates Us From The Rest

All our silver pendants are very beautiful and elegant to look at and the feel is pretty incredible too. You will definitely look like a real hip-hop artist with these mighty fine silver pendants hanging around your necks. Our designs are crafted uniquely and securely because the metal we used are guaranteed durable and tough. Unlike other companies that sell cheap silver pendants, ours although also sold at relatively inexpensive prices look sophisticated, sleek and very modern.


Check Out Our Beautiful Yet Affordable Silver Pendants!

For wearers who are rooting for platinum jewelry but could not afford to get themselves one this is your best option. It has the same texture, feel and look with a price that is easy on the budget. At our store we are very proud to offer our consumers our best collection of silver pendants that are hip-hop inspired. We offer different inlays and different designs to suit all of your tastes and needs. We offer the latest, the hottest and the trendiest styles of silver pendants.


What Are They Made From?

We are very proud to announce that all our silver pendants are made from high quality materials, perhaps the same as the ones being sold in jewelry stores at malls only that ours cost half the price. Yes, we sell them at very affordable prices. You don’t need to rob a bank or take a huge chunk of your savings to be able to own iced out necklaces. We make accessorizing a breeze for you and we will also ensure that your shopping experience at our online store is made conveniently smooth and hassle-free.


How To Up Your Style With Silver Pendants

If you don’t know what clothes to pair with your silver pendants with we have a solution for you and it’s actually pretty easy. All you need to do is look up celebrity and hip-hop artists online. Silver hip-hop inspired pendants are highly in demand and you are bound to find a celebrity or an artist whom you idolize who has been photographed wearing one. But don’t worry because the sleek look of silver pendants almost always go with anything so there’s no need to worry as long as you pair them with other jewelry made of the same metal or color. Gift your loved one or better yet reward yourself with a modern and sleek silver pendant by shopping at our store. Our store offers an eclectic array of uniquely designed silver pendants that will definitely suit your taste.


Why Buy From Us?

Each silver pendant we sell is professionally handmade and carefully hand polished to give you the best quality pendant possible. If you already own a couple of yellow gold pendants then now is the best time to shop for silver pendants. The beauty of our store is that we do not compromise quality with the price we offer. Yes, if you take a good look at our jewelry pieces like in this case our pendants, you will instantly notice that the price range is incredibly cheaper compared to others. Yet despite its affordability we are proud to say that all of our pendants are top quality. These are the kinds of pendants you wished were available back in the days when all you did was ogle at the expensive ones showcased in jewelry stores at the mall.

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