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Gold Fashion Rings: Wedding Bands and Diamond CZ Pinky Rings for Men & Women

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Fashion Rings for Men 

Are you looking to find men’s rings that look like they’re a million bucks, but are affordable? Typically, finding high quality rings that have the flashiness and impressive look of expensive jewelry can only be bought at that high price tag. Many brands that claim to sell high-quality gold-plate rings at cheap prices are worth no more than the price you pay for; and maybe even less. By simply painting rings gold and cheapening them with materials meant to represent diamonds, the rings offered at those inexpensive prices fall short and they leave customers frustrated and unsatisfied.


Our Promise

At Niv’s Bling, we offer our buyers the best of both worlds: the high quality and expensive aesthetic of real diamond rings for men, and an affordable price at which to buy them. Men shouldn’t feel excluded from buying gold rings simply because they aren’t sharing the red carpet with the rich and famous. Men’s diamond rings should be a feasible purchase, and at Niv’s Bling, that’s exactly what we offer.


Niv’s Bling offer a wide collection of rings for men, including men’s wedding bands, pinky rings, and others that come in several different designs. If you want to go all out and buy an impressive men’s fashion ring to add to your style, you should have some variety to choose from. Not to mention, at the prices we offer, you’ll be able to buy more than one without exceeding your budget if you see more than one style of ring that you want. Monotony is not our goal. We want you to be able to find a ring that perfectly fits your style and makes you proud to wear them anywhere you go.


Why Purchase from Us?

What makes our rings stand out from the cheap manufacturers is the gold-plating we use, which makes the rings appear just as high quality as the ones you see selling for thousands of dollars. We take the same molds that are used for platinum rings and plate our rings with real gold, which ensures that you won’t feel that pang of disappointment when you either browse our ring collection in store or receive your online order. Furthermore, we also polish our gold rings, giving them a solid, mirror-like luster.


Our 18K gold men’s pinky rings are popular among buyers, not only because they fit an edgy style, but because they come in various designs that each make their own bold statements. Our 18K Gold Iced Out Champion Pinky Ring sends a bold message almost entirely covered in added 102 cz stones, which gives that extra heavy dose of bling. The ring comes in various sizes to accommodate any size finger, ensuring that when you walk around with the dynamic ring, you’ll both look and feel like a champion.


We additionally offer engagement pinky rings that are a little less in-your-face aggressive but still send their own message of strength. Both engagement pinky ring designs we offer have bands a bit thinner than the Champion, but are made with the same 18K Gold and flashy cubic zirconia stones. With a more low-key look that offers the same amount of style and sufficient bling, your partner will have no reason to disapprove either. You’ll wear your engagement bling proudly.


In addition, there won’t be any reason to mope once you have to set down the engagement ring and replace it with a wedding band. As with the men’s engagement rings, Niv’s Bling additionally offers men’s wedding bands for both the standard finger and in pinky ring styles. That way, you’ll be able to move on to a wedding band that offers the same bold, assertive statement while staying within your budget. Customer satisfaction is a priority with Niv’s Bling, and we know a major factor in that can be the price at which we sell our products. Buying wedding bands can be a dreaded task with how much many of them are going for these days, and that’s why we offer stylish wedding bands for men that won’t empty your pockets. There’s no need to add that additional financial strain during the process of planning what’s supposed to be a celebratory occasion. Think of the hundreds of dollars you’ll save. Other ring manufacturers might not offer the same consideration, but Niv’s Bling is here to help.


Our Ring Designs

Moving on from there, we don’t stop simply at your standard designs of the diamond gold ring aesthetic. That kind of look is a classic, and worth stocking up on, but our collection also includes more. For instance, we sell our special Medusa, panther, and jaguar rings. There’s no better way to make your friends jealous than wear a fierce ring design that not only adds shows off a silent but deadly rep, but is also of good quality. There’s often no in-between when it comes to the cost of men’s rings that impress; they’re either inexpensive and mediocre, or coming at a high price with weeks or months of financial strain and frustration to follow. You don’t want to go down that road, and we don’t want you to either. Embodying the silent but deadly characteristics of the real-life animal, our panther design adds a menacing look to the standard hypoallergenic gold-plated ring. The jaguar and Medusa rings offer that same menace and aggression as well, displaying an expensive and unique look without the expensive price tag.


Quality and Shine you can Trust

All diamond men’s rings within our collection at Niv’s Bling are made with the same care you would expect from a high-end jeweler. Each cubic zirconium stone is hand set by one of our professional jewelers. All our men’s rings are offered various sizes to accommodate each customer, and through our meticulous manufacturing process, we make every piece with our buyers in mind. Through your purchase at Niv’s Bling, you’ll be able to add to your ring collection with style and without breaking bank. The days of having to choose between cheap, painted-gold jewelry, and expensive men’s rings that are only affordable to the rich and famous are gone.  With the durability to last for years of normal wear, each men’s ring you purchase from Niv’s Bling will be an on-point buy that you’ll be proud to wear whether you’re headed to the store or standing at the end of the wedding aisle.


So, don’t wait, shop now!


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