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Silver Rings: Silver Tungsten Rings, 18k White Gold Iced Out rings

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Introducing our newest collection of silver hip-hop inspired rings. Our rings are designed to give you a comfortable fit. Each ring is carefully crafted to ensure that every silver ring is made from the highest quality workmanship so you will be proud to wear them wherever you go. Check out our collection today!


Why Get a Silver Ring From Us?

Gift your loved one or better yet reward yourself with a modern and sleek silver ring by shopping at our store. Our store offers an eclectic array of uniquely designed silver rings that will definitely suit your taste.


What Makes Tungsten Rings Special?

Each silver tungsten ring we sell is professionally handmade from heavyweight tungsten and is carefully hand polished to give you the best quality ring possible. By the way, for those who don’t know the metal tungsten is four times tougher than titanium and it is also highly scratch resistant which means it can withstand the stresses of everyday wear. We also have rings that are made from durable stainless steel. If you already own a couple of yellow gold rings then now is the best time to shop for silver rings.


Why Buy From Niv's Bling?

The beauty of our store is that we do not compromise quality with the price we offer. Yes, if you take a good look at our jewelry pieces like in this case our rings, you will instantly notice that the price range is incredibly cheaper compared to others. Yet despite its affordability we are proud to say that all of our rings are top quality. These are the kinds of rings you wished were available back in the days when all you did was ogle at the expensive ones showcased in jewelry stores at the mall. We are very proud of our sleek and modern silver ring collection since we know that each piece is made with our customers in mind. We want to make sure that soon as you purchase our rings you will be satisfied with it and you will be proud to wear them wherever you go whether you are heading out for a party, a business meeting or a random walk in the park, these shimmering white gold rings will be your reliable best friends because they are carefully made to last a long time.


What Rings Do You Offer?

Included in our silver ring collection are the following: Tungsten Carbide Silver Polished Wedding Ring, 18k White Gold Iced Dual Panther Jaguar Ring, 18k White Gold Iced Out Panther Jaguar Ring, 18k White Gold Iced Out Angel Wings Ring, 18k IP White Gold Iced Out Stainless Steel Presidential Ring, 18k IP White Gold Iced Out Stainless Steel Round Ring and so much more. We are pretty certain that with our wide array of silver ring designs you will surely find the ring that you will fancy. Decorate your fingers with our silver ring collection and save money instead of shopping for ludicrously costly rings that look the same as ours. If you’re looking for something a bit more flashy but still want to stay with that classic look, try our gold rings!

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