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Let out your inner beast with our Safari Collection here at Niv’s Bling. This collection features out collection of Panther, Eagle, and Lion Rings and Pendants.

Nothing says boss and authority quite like a predator staring at you. We embodied that feeling into our products in the Safari Collection. Taking inspiration from nature, we have put together a collection of jewelry that embodies the strength and soul of those animals.


How These Pieces Are Made

Each pendant and ring is meticulously crafted to ensure the quality and detail. These pieces are made from a jeweler’s brass core and plated with either 18k Gold, or an 18k White Gold plating and finished off with AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia Stones. Each stone is hand set by a master jeweler onto rhodium prongs for that super icy look without the gold prongs breaking up the look of the rings and pendants.


Why Buy From Niv’s Bling?

Want to wear the same style pendants as your favorite celebrities or artists? If you want the same piece as them with solid gold and real diamonds and have the dough for it, more power to you. For the rest of us though, we prefer to have an extremely similar look, but at a fraction of the price. We at Niv’s Bling managed to create high quality pieces of jewelry at affordable prices. Don’t burn a hole in your wallet when you don’t have to!


What Kind Of Pendants And Rings Are In The Safari Collection?

We currently only have Panther Rings, Eagle Pendants, and Lion Pendants. The collection may expand in the future, but the look and theme of the collection will stay the same. There will always be a nature vibe to these products that express the top dog predator status of the people who wear these pieces.

Don’t settle for cheap knockoffs of what you see on TV. Our collection will help you get a similar look and feel at a fraction of the price of the solid gold pieces. Express the tough, animalistic side of you through these safari rings and pendants at Niv’s Bling today!

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