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Iced Out Simulated Diamond Necklaces and Chains: Gold, Silver, or Rose Gold CZ Chains

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Don’t let dreams be dreams!

Our iced out necklaces are durable and look great. Get the necklace of your dreams at an affordable price at Niv's Bling.


Iced Out Chains and Necklaces

Niv’s Bling offers up one of the biggest collections of iced out, hip-hop style chains. We provide a wide variety of sizes, colors, and designs. All of our necklaces are made of the highest quality materials for a fraction of the cost of anywhere else. Our collection accounts for all 18k gold stainless steel chains, 18k white gold stainless steel, and 18k rose gold stainless steel, as well as 18k gold with o+ne or two rows of iced out 4mm or 8mm simulated diamonds. Compared to our competitors and retail shops, we offer just as vast as a collection, but for much less.

We provide an easy hassle free shopping experience that ensures you are getting the most bang for your buck. At Niv’s Bling, we want to enable you to get the accessories you require conveniently and effectively.


Why Buy from Niv's Bling?

All of our jewelry is made from solid 316L stainless steel and coated in a premium 18k gold IP (ion plating). This type of plating ensures every chain you buy is going to last you the entirety of your lifetime and is resistant to wear and tear, unlike many lab made jewelry and diamond chains. If you are looking for a diamond necklace for men, such as your husband, boyfriend, or other significant, we have a wide variety of styles to suit any taste.

Our chains will not fade, tarnish, or flake over time as we plate our necklaces in an extra-thick gold plating to make them shine like new for as long as possible. People with sensitive skin and those prone to irritation from metals, needn’t worry, all of our jewelry is hypoallergenic and free of any nickel/lead.

The Cubic Zirconia stones we use are simulated diamonds that are made from a synthesized material that is visually indistinguishable from that of genuine diamonds. Lower in cost and durable, these stones are the perfect alternative to real diamonds.

Each of our chains is delicately set by hand by a professional jeweler, so the resemblance to a real solid gold, diamond encrusted necklace is uncanny. Niv’s Bling offers identical quality necklaces to those of pricier amounts for half of the cost. Shop now at our online store and see the boundless options we have.


Our Selection of Necklaces

Tons of celebrities are covering themselves in iced out jewelry, from the likes of Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne. There are literally thousands of hip-hop stars who drape themselves in iced out chains, and now you can too. For half the price you are able to purchase any iced out chain from our wide selection that is sure to suit any outfit you choose. We stock many different sizes, shades, designs and rows to match your stylistic mood. The quality of our products is as high as those of much steeper prices because we don’t skimp on production value.


18k White Gold 1 Row 8mm Iced Out Chain

Our one row white gold chain shimmers in the light and is sure to catch the eyes of those onlookers. Set with over 73 8mm Cubic Zirconia stones, this luxurious necklace is sure to be the loudest accessory to your outfit. Available in either 24, 30, or 36 inch lengths.

18k Gold 2 Row Iced Cuban Chain Link Miami

Plated in 18k gold, this fully iced out necklace is made from jeweler’s brass. Completely hypoallergenic and lead/nickel free and hand set individually, each stone is carefully placed by a professional jeweler to make you that perfect iced out accessory you’ve been needing.

18k White Gold 1 Row 5mm Iced Out Chain

This necklace is prong set with 5mm stones in a one row chain that will be as flashy and vibrant. Covered in over 114 Cubic Zirconia stones, this chain is sure to set off any clothes you have. Coming in three different sizes, we offer it in 24, 30, and 36 inches in length. Plated with real gold on high quality jeweler’s brass, it looks and feels like a real solid gold chain for a margin of the cost.

18k Gold 1 Row 5mm Iced Out Chain

This chain is prong set with 5mm Cubic Zirconia stones that will shine brightly in any setting. Decked out with over 114 stones, this necklace will be sure to attract attention. You can order it in three lengths, from 24, 30, and 36 inches. A hefty feeling chain, the jeweler’s brass plated with real gold gives it that real solid gold chain quality.

18K White Gold Iced Out Cuban Chain

Our Cuban gold chain will step up your game with its 734 Cubic Zirconia stones that will dazzle anyone around. This necklace is as trendy as you can get, and fits any occasion, whether you wear it casually or in a formal setting, this will become your favorite accessory to any outfit in your closet. Manufactured with an extra thick high quality IP plating, we make sure this chain will maintain its glossy finish for years.

18k White Gold 1 Row 12mm Iced Out Chain

This white gold chain with one of Cubic Zirconia stones is definitely a head turner. With its over 49 12mm stones prong set, it is designed to shine brightly on your neck. Available in 24, 30, and 36 inches, this chain is one that should not be left out of consideration.

18K Gold Iced Out Cuban Chain

This chain is set with over 734 Cubic Zirconia stones that is bound to get people asking where you bought it. Looking for high-end bling to dress up your outfit? This should be first on your list of accessories to begin your new fashion trend. It comes in three sizes, from 24, 30, to 36 inches in length.

18k Gold 1 Row 8mm Iced Out Chain

This one row chain gleams in the sunlight like none other with its thick 8mm Cubic Zirconia stones. Covered in over 73 stones, this iced out necklace will bring the party to you, as everyone will be questioning where such a glamourous necklace was purchased. You can purchase this chain in three sizes, 24, 30, and 36 inches.

18k Black Gold 1 Row 12mm Iced Out Chain

This chain is prong set with over 49 12mm Cubic Zirconia stones that will be the talk of the night. Elegant, yet simple, this black one-row gold necklace comes in various sizes, from 24, 30, and 36 inches in length.

18K Rose Gold Iced Out Cuban Chain

This iced out necklace comes in a rose gold finish with over 734 Cubic Zirconia stones set to ensure you are the flashiest person in the vicinity. If you are wanting to be the trendiest, most stylish person in the room, the rose gold Cuban chain will do you well. Order yourself a necklace in one of the three available sizes, from 24, 30, to 36 inches in length.

18k Gold 1 Row 12mm Iced Out Chain

This necklace is a one row 12mm Cubic Zirconia prong set piece of eye candy. Set with over 49 stones, this fancy chain will be the loudest part of any outfit you wear. Comes in three various lengths, from 20, 30, to 36 inches.

18k Black Gold 1 Row 8mm Iced Out Chain

Coated in over 73 Cubic Zirconia stones, this black chain will be the eye catcher you are looking for. The necklace is one row of 8mm stones set in a succession of each other and is available in up to three different sizes, 24, 30, and 36 inches.

18k Black Gold 1 Row 5mm Iced Out Chain

This iced out, black gold necklace is prong-set with over 114 Cubic Zirconia stones in a continuous row that will pop on your neck with any clothing option. Available to order in 24, 30, and 36 inches in length.

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