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18K Iced Out Grillz with AAA CZ Stones in Gold, Silver, and More!

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Icy to the max. Our iced out grillz come with AAA grade CZ stones and a lifetime warranty on the plating from tarnishing. Check out our durable and beautifully crafted grillz today!


Grillz in Pop Culture

It is commonly known that grillz are worn by all of the famous celebrities these days. While it wasn’t always this way, rappers aren’t the only ones wearing grillz anymore. Now, female celebrities have joined in on this trend, too. For example, celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Beyoncé have been seen in the tabloids rocking some awesome grillz. Along with some of the famous rappers, like Nelly and A$AP Rocky. Purchasing grillz can show off a particular style, just like all of these celebs have done, too.


An Offer You Can’t Refuse!

Grillz also can represent wealth. Many people wear grillz to show their financial status, but it is unreasonable to spend thousands of dollars on them, like at Johnny Dang. He sells grillz that the celebrities have purchased, but they cost thousands of dollars. Why spend thousands when grillz can be purchased for only $30 to $40 at Niv’s Bling? It is senseless to break the bank over something that could be purchased at much more affordable rates.


Different Styles for Different Needs

Grillz don’t come in just one style either. They can be purchased in various different styles. Many of them are offered in gold, but silver is also available for those who want to spend less on their grillz and save money. Not only do they come in a regular teeth shape, but Dracula fanged grillz are available for purchase, too. Some grillz are covered in diamonds. These diamond grillz are great to wear and stand out from the crowd, as most people do not have diamond teeth to wear.


Look Good And Save Money

When purchasing grillz, they need to be high quality, otherwise they will not last long and could cause damage to the teeth. That’s why it is crucial to do research on the materials of the grillz. That is the only way to be certain they are of great quality. Niv’s Bling offers high quality grillz that won’t break the bank, because they are also super affordable. One reason is because our iced out grillz use cubic zirconia, which is much more affordable than real diamond.


Why Buy From Us?

Whether they are for a Halloween party, or to add to someone’s style, grillz are a great investment when wanting to stand out from the crowd. They can be replicated from celebrities grillz, or iced out to look extremely stylish. Grillz that are affordable and high quality can be purchased now online from Niv’s Bling. If you are wanting top quality, fashionable grillz that give you that same high-style looks as the celebs but at an affordable cost, buy from Niv’s Bling today!

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