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Hip Hop Chains and Necklaces: Solid and Iced Out Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Black

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At Niv’s Bling, we offer different types of solid and iced-out gold, silver, rose gold, and black gold men’s chains. We offer various styles of hip hop chains that are tarnish free, fashionably stylish and would make the perfect accessory for your everyday wear. We have all the men’s necklaces you could ever need at very reasonable prices. We carry both the modern and classic style of rapper chains to satisfy the taste of hip hop fans and streetwear fashion lovers. Our necklaces come in different lengths 20”, 24”, 30”, and 36” and thicknesses from 2mm to 14mm. If you are looking for an opportunity to add some hip-hop bling to your outfit, allow Niv’s Bling to be your jeweler.

Why Get a Hip Hop Necklace From Niv's Bling?

We understand that the competition can get real nasty with all the wide array of sparkly men’s chains to choose from. However, we feel the competing brands that use the same quality materials and manufacturing methods as we do at Niv's Bling are expensive and overpriced. You can avoid overpaying by choosing to shop in our online store and buying high-quality hip hop male chains at half the price as you would find elsewhere.

You still get the solid men’s necklaces you’ll find showcased in malls, the same iced jewels, well maybe not the same because we are proud to say that ours are designed better with the upside that it only costs a fraction compared to others. You get to shop for more and save a lot of cash. Just think about it, shopping for a single rapper chain that is so expensive can be great, yes, probably, to boost your ego and to give you confidence. But just think about the money you shell out. Choosing to shop at Niv’s Bling will allow you to save money instead. All our hip hop chains are carefully crafted to make sure that you go out in the open beautifully ornamented without compromising class.

What Are Necklaces? 

Necklaces are articles of jewelry that are worn around people’s necks. Both women and men in different cultures all over the world wear these necklaces either for the purpose of social status or for ornamentation. These necklaces are created from metal jewelry chains while others are manufactured or inter-weaved from cloth using twine or string. The usual features of necklaces include wood that is usually polished or carved, stones mostly made of jewels or gemstones, corals or beads, shells, feathers, leather and so on.


Why Are Niv’s Bling Men’s Hip Hop Chains So Popular?

Even celebrities are spotted wearing rapper chains similar to what we are selling in our store. Our men’s hip hop chains are crafted and designed to suit all walks of life and not just famous stars, artists and celebrities. The fashion sense, the design and the lucrative aura of our jewelry are what draw people to us.


Which Hip Hop Necklace Should I Get?

We offer four main color variants such as Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and Black Gold, which makes it easy to match the jewelry with whatever outfits you have for night or day. 

One of the most popular and highly salable chains at our store is the Figaro chain inspired by Italian design that will instantly elevate your look and give you a touch of sophistication to add to your ensemble. The sizes vary depending on your predilection. Hip Hop necklaces are without the doubt, must haves to every fashionable jewelry lover and if you are planning to invest on men’s necklaces, we highly encourage you to give us a try. 

It is not difficult to find the perfect men’s chain designs for yourself.

If you are into gold CZ

Looking for another piece of jewelry to match the necklaces? Check out the rest of Niv’s Bling to see what we offer!

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