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Rose Gold Necklaces: Cuban Chains, Rope Chains, and More!

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We are proud to introduce our collection of Rose Gold necklaces. Rose gold often called red or pink gold depending on the intensity of its color, is actually a combination of yellow gold mixed with copper.


What Is Rose Gold?

The colors of rose gold vary and it relies largely on the ration of traditional yellow gold to copper. Obviously, if there is more copper applied to it the color of the rose gold becomes richer and deeper so if there is fewer copper used you can expect softer tones of rose gold. During the start of the 21st century, feminine colors dragged its way back into the limelight. For women who wish to mix modernism with traditionalism your best bet is to go for rose gold. The soft flush of red will look perfect on any skin type and can stand alone on its own but it will also look incredibly beautiful when paired with diamonds or gemstones. And owing to its timeless appeal and historical roots, jewelry made out of rose gold could be passed on as a family heirloom.


Popularity Of Rose Gold

The rising popularity of rose shades in the hip-hop and fashion industries has stirred a high demand for rose gold jewelry as it complements with any type of apparel aside from the fact that it is suitable for all types of skin tone. Rose gold is also very common in the hip-hop community, as it has become the preferred substitute for silver and gold. If you enter a room typically you will find men and women ornamented with the usual gold and silver jewelry. Step inside in your rose gold and you will surely be set apart and all the attention will be drawn to your jewelry.


What Rose Gold Necklaces Do You Offer?

At our store we’ve created all these and more at very affordable prices so you can wear them anytime anywhere. You can even shop guiltlessly because our rose gold necklaces are very easy on the budget. Rose gold necklaces that are included in our collection are the following: 18k Rose Gold Cuban Miami Chain Link Stainless Steel, 18k Rose Gold 2 Row Iced Cuban Chain Link Miami, 18k Rose Gold Iced Out Rosary Jesus Cross Pendant, 18k Rose Gold 3D 4 Sided Micro Pave Chain, 18k Rose Gold iced Out Cuban Chain and last but definitely not the least our 18k Rose Gold Wheat Chain. Our complete collection of rose gold necklaces can be found in our online store at

Why Get Your Rose Gold Necklace From Niv's Bling

With different sizes and designs to choose from we are pretty confident that you will find the perfect rose gold necklace for you. We offer the latest, the hottest and the trendiest styles of rose gold chains to suit your individual tastes. We are very proud to announce that all our rose gold chains are made from high quality materials, perhaps the same as the ones being sold in jewelry stores at malls only that ours cost half the price. Yes, we sell them at very affordable prices. You don’t need to rob a bank or take a huge chunk of your savings to be able to own sophisticated rose gold necklaces. We make accessorizing a breeze for you and we will also ensure that your shopping experience at our online store is made conveniently smooth and hassle-free. If you’re looking for a more common color of jewelry, check out our iced out 18k gold necklaces. If iced out isn’t your style, we have solid style gold necklaces for sale as well.

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