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About Niv's Bling Grillz

Our quality grillz are affordable with a lifetime warranty on the gold plating. 

Guaranteed legit and WON'T fade colors. Why spend hundreds when you can get the same look here?

Each set of Niv’s Bling grills comes as one-size fits most, with an instruction manual and mold kit as well. Our grillz are always easy to fit, not making the customer have wait weeks for their gold teeth. A comfortable fit that doesn’t agitate the teeth or gums, become a part of the trend rappers have set for years and get gold slugs like all the famous artists!

Grillz In Today's Culture And Society

Gold teeth have become a staple of the modern day hip-hop culture. Often costing over a grand, in order to obtain a set of gold slugs, customers had to pay a jeweler to develop them. Luckily, brands like Niv’s Bling have developed flawless techniques for getting customers the top or bottom grills they want, at a fraction of the cost and time it takes to create standard gold teeth. Our grills have been developed with the same tender love and precision that a jeweler would utilize in their work. The gold finish on each set is created by applying many thick layers of genuine 24k gold on top of the jeweler’s metal. We also offer top and bottoms that have faux diamonds in them, only selecting top-quality grade A stones that are either hand glued or set by one of our master grill makers.


What Grillz Options Do You Offer?

We wanted to give our customers an ample amount of options for their grillz, allowing them to coordinate their own personal fashion sense with varying types. We offer a wide range from the standard 6-tooth grill for the top and bottom, to 3-row iced out sets, to single options. We also have gold diamond cut grills in various forms along with more unique designs like vampire tooth ones. What is amazing about our grills is that there are so many different options to select from. If the customer isn’t interested in gold caps, they have the option to pick from silver, iced out, and solid grills for their teeth. We have every option you could have ever imagined! Shop now to discover more!


Why Buy Grillz From Niv's Bling

One of the most notable aspects of our grill is the amazing price point of all our products. Starting at $9.99, we offer one of the highest quality of products at the lowest cost possible. We also help with cost by providing free shipping to all of our customers, allowing them to get what they want without having to pay pricy fees for shipment. We also guarantee that they will receive their order in the quoted time frame, giving customers the peace of mind they need when it comes to ordering the style they want! With the great price point, awesome quality, and the guarantee of getting the product on time, customers really can’t go wrong with our options for gold teeth. Tap into the fashion sense that permeates the hip-hop genre and captivates people all over the world. Shop now to get your grillz today!


How to Bling Out Your Teeth

The grillz that you order from Niv’s Bling will arrive with an instruction manual and mold kit. Molding the grillz to fit your teeth is easy and takes just five minutes.


1) Once you get your kit, put the grillz and the silicone molding in warm water. Warm water helps soften the molding bar.

2) Pull out your lip and fit the grillz and molding bar inside your mouth.

3) Fit the grillz and molding bar tightly and bite down.

4) Keep the grillz in place for a few minutes while the silicone molding hardens and molds to your teeth.

5) Make sure the mold is set for all your teeth. If not, you can put the molding bar in warm water again and re-do it as needed.

6) Adjust the prongs on the grillz to make a tight fit.

7) Check it out in the mirror. If you’re looking ruthless, then you’re good to roll.


Respect the Grillz

Your grillz got your back when it comes to looking slick, so you gotta take care of your grillz too. To take care of your grillz, and also to protect your teeth, there are some steps required for routine maintenance.


For taking care of the grillz, you can put them in a diluted mixture of water and dishwashing solution. Soak for about 5-10 minutes. Then rinse the grillz with lukewarm water and gently pat dry with a soft towel. When you’re not using the grillz, make sure to store them in the high-quality case that comes included with the grillz.


Taking care of your teeth is also important, and you should not wear grillz for too long. Wearing grillz can allow bacteria and food particles to get trapped between your teeth and the grillz, so it is recommended to brush your teeth a couple times a day or more if you’re wearing the grillz all day. Don’t ever put glue on instant grillz because it is dangerous and might lead to gingivitis/gum inflammation, tooth decay, or worse.


If you want permanent grillz, then you should set up a dental appointment with a dentist who can get you outfitted for a permanent set, but be warned, this can be crazy expensive. Rapper Paul Wall, who’s known for his love of grillz, apparently spent $30,000 on a set of grillz. That’s dope for him, but like Wu-Tang raps, cash rules everything around me, and unless you’re at the top of the hip hop game, you probably need that cash. Luckily, the instant grillz like the ones we offer at Niv’s Bling are more affordable, so you can respect Nelly’s tribute to grillz without taking his advice and robbing the jewelry store and telling ‘em to make you a grill.


Gettin’ Down on Food and Drinks with Grillz

If you are wearing an instant grill, then no, you cannot eat with them. You’ll have to remove them before eating, and for a sanitary place to put them, we recommend carrying your grill case with you. Eating with grillz would be uncomfortable and potentially disgusting since food can get trapped in the grillz or between your teeth and the grillz. You might be able to drink with grillz, especially if you use a straw, but drinking is not really recommended either since some beverages can stain the grillz, depending on the drink and the grillz.



Will Wearing Grillz Mess Up Your Chompers?

The good news is that if you take good care of your grillz, then they will not harm your teeth. Our grillz at Niv’s Bling are made of premium metals and plating materials, so no cheap nickels or dangerous lead will ever be near your precious pearly whites.



Grillz Like the Starz

If you want to give a shout-out to your favorite hip hop artists or you want to channel them by wearing grillz like the ones they’ve worn, then check out our selection of different grillz and see which one matches your favorite artist. Some of the biggest names in hip hop have been seen wearing grillz like the ones we stock:


Flavor Flav—Almost as recognizable as his giant clock-bling are the flashy gold grillz on this rapper from Public Enemy. Hyped for some gold grillz like Flav’s? Check out our 18k gold stainless steel 6- or 8-tooth grillz.


Lil Wayne—Trying to get blinged out for one of the three tours that Lil Wayne has announced for 2017? Show him your respect by going to the show wearing a set of the .925 Sterling Silver Top Bottom Grillz, just like the ones he’s been seen wearing.


Nelly—Like his 2005 song “Grillz” suggests, Nelly loves his grillz. Represent your love of grillz by flaunting either the 18k Gold Micro Pave Top Bottom Grillz or the 18k Canary Gold Top Bottom Grillz.


Jay Z—For a rapper and entrepreneur who is the head of a hip-hop empire, he keeps it low key with his grillz. Play it cool like Jay Z with the Gold Double Top Two Tooth Cap.


Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy aka P DiddyWhen he was going by P Diddy, he was spotted wearing bottom grillz similar to the bottom part of our 18k Gold Stainless steel 8 tooth or 6 Tooth Grillz.


Lil John or Paul Wall—Both of these rappers give new meaning to the phrase “flashing your pearly whites” with diamond-encrusted grillz like our 18k White Gold Plated CZ Cluster Top Bottom Grillz


Beyonce—Ladies wanting to show off some grill-love won’t be disappointed. It turns out the Queen of the Beyhive has been known to wear some grillz now and again. Aim high for Beyonce’s sultry, vampiric look by wearing a couple of our Gold Single Tooth Fang Grill Caps on the bottom teeth.


Nicki Minaj—Want to make a louder-than-life but always fun impression like Nicki Minaj? Try our .925 Sterling Silver Top Bottom Grillz. Or do a shout-out to her first couple “pink” albums with a set of 18k Rose Gold Stainless Steel 6- or 8-Tooth Grillz.


What are You Waiting for?

Grillz are a fashion statement like no other, and you too can sport the same look as so many celebrities—without paying the same high price tag. Shop now to see what we have in store for you!

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