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Gunmetal and Black Plated 18k Gold Jesus, Angel, and Cross Pendants

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In this specific category we introduce our visitors to our extensive collection of gunmetal pendants. This particular type of metal is increasingly gaining popularity because of its unique shade. Apart from that, mostly the reason why it is highly sought-after is because of its exceptional finish.


Our Collection

Our collection of gunmetal pendants will truly and without doubt impress you because each pendant is carefully crafted to make sure that every gunmetal piece that gets delivered to you is made from the highest quality workmanship so you will be proud to wear them wherever you go. If you are hoping to shop for a gunmetal pendant whether you intend to give it as a gift for someone who you think will love the kind of shade and glimmer of gunmetal or if you want to get one for yourself for the very sake of accessorizing, do not worry because here we got you covered.


What Are The Pendants Made From?

If you’ve noticed, majority of our gunmetal pendants are made from high quality jeweler’s brass as its metal base. Why did we choose this particular metal you ask? Well, it is very affordable yet despite its low price it offers amazing strength. That is why it is commonly used as a metal base for gunmetal plated jewelry. It’s also resistant to scratches is tarnish. In our store we are offering you an opportunity to shop for the metal of your choice. If you have always been fascinated with gunmetal then now is the best time for you to shop for one.


What Sets Us Apart

All our pendants are made from superior quality workmanship and we are pretty confident that you will not regret shopping with us. Just simply browse through our collection of gunmetal hip-hop inspired pendants and see for yourself. Standing out from the crowd is not hard if you have a pendant polished with gunmetal hanging around your neck. You’ll be the talk of the town and people will be drawn to you. Surely, they will ask you where you got it from and how much you paid for it. The usual jewelry we see on a regular basis is gold and silver. Don’t get us wrong, these two are as good as gunmetal but with gunmetal, the shade and the glimmer is entirely different. It’s not the usual and perhaps this is the reason why it’s very salable.


Our Products

Included in our vast collection of gunmetal pendants are the following: 18k Black Gold Iced Mini Jesus Piece 8 With Chain, 18k Black Gold Iced Mini Jesus Piece 7 With Chain, 18k Black Gold Iced Out Buddha Pendant With Chain, 18k Black Gold Iced Out Bandana Jesus Piece With Chain, 18k Black Gold Jesus Piece 9 With Chain, 18k Black Gold Iced Out Chess Pendant, 18k Black Gold Micro Jesus Piece With Chain, 18k Black Gold Iced Out Mini Medusa Head Pendant, 18k Black Gold Iced Out Mini Jesus Piece 3 and many more. If you happened to find something you fancy we urge you to purchase it right away before the item gets out of stock. These are highly in demand items and before you know it, the next time you visit our site the item you chose may have to be requested for restocking and that could take some time.

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