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18K Gold Iced out and Solid Grillz, Single, Double Tooth, and Sets

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In this category we are very excited to showcase our collection of signature gold grillz. Gold has always remained to be a symbol of luxury, prosperity and abundance. And what better way to show success than to wear them in and on your body?


Who Wears Grillz?

Most people prefer to ornament their bodies particularly their skin with gold but for hip-hop enthusiasts, many of them prefer to place them in their mouths as grillz. Grillz aren’t new. As a matter of fact the history of grillz can be traced thousands of years ago. From Lady Gaga, to Madonna, Kylie Jenner and the legendary and fashion icon Kanye West, all of them are all seen with gold grillz. And now people are panicking to get their own set of trendy fashion accessory.


History of Gold Teeth and Eventually Grillz

Many believe that it was Nelly who took grillz to the mainstream. The popularity of grillz skyrocketed when Nelly released his song entitled “Grillz” in the later part of 2005. Still others believe that it was the famous rap artist Slick Rick who introduced gold grillz to the people in the later parts of the 80s. Perhaps these pieces of information may be true but here’s the lowdown. Grillz have been around for centuries. Researchers discovered grillz way back in 2500 BC when a team of archeologists found a man buried in Giza having a pair of gold teeth. Up until 100 AD, Etruscan women were seen wearing grillz as a form of a status symbol. And it weren’t just the Etruscan women who wore them, even Mayans wore them too albeit not the diamond encrusted and gold grillz. Instead those women wore jade and they inserted those stones in their teeth. And yes, that picture would make you wince in discomfort. There was also research claiming that Filipinos wore gold grillz in 1500 AD.


Why Buy Gold Grillz?

Regardless of the history of gold grillz, we pretty much know that it is a symbol for wealth, status and power. People particularly those who are in the hip-hop community like to wear them for these reasons while others simply want to accessorize and to identify themselves as hip-hop fanatics. Whether this is you reason for investing in gold grillz or not, our store has a very tempting offer for you. You’ve probably have heard that the famous gold grillz cost a lot and some would even amount to thousands of dollars even millions. True, there are people who could afford such amount but there are many who could not. At our store, we make gold grillz accessible for you by pricing them at very reasonable amounts.


Why Buy From Us?

Our gold grillz collection also comes with iced out grillz set that has a top and a bottom piece that is entirely made out of brass core and are plated with superior 18k gold plating. Skillful hands professionally set all of our grillz. And what’s more is that you don’t have to worry about untoward reactions because our grillz are one hundred percent nickel and lead free. You know for certain that a real gold grillz will cost you a lot but with us we only charge you with a fraction of the cost yet you still get quality gold grillz that look exactly like the real thing.

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