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Iced Out Jesus Cross Pendants in Gold Silver and Black

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We are excited to showcase our collection of hip-hop inspired cross pendants. Cross pendants have been around for millennium, but recently, hip-hop aficionados have found beauty in those pieces and have made it into their own. Check out our collection of Crosses that come with a free chain and a lifetime warranty on the plating.


Still a Buster?

The 18k Silver Two Tone Jesus Cross is one of our best-selling cross pendants to date. If you look closely at the design what comes to mind? Perhaps the very first image you get to envision is Dominic Toretto portrayed by actor Vin Diesel in his famous movie franchise The Fast and the Furious, right? If you are a fan of the movie you will observe that Toretto wears his cross pendant all the time and he wears it quite well actually. Our cross pendants have got a deeper and more mysterious vibe into it because each cross pendant is molded carefully and strategically to suite individual preferences. Cross pendants go well with anything, whether you’re rocking a corporate look or a funky nightclub outfit on a Saturday night. It doesn’t matter what clothes you wear it with because your cross pendant will stand out on its own and the design is very versatile, which means you can pair your cross pendant with almost anything and still get away with it.


Bless Up

Our 18k Silver Two Tone Jesus Cross pendant is plated with 18k white gold tones that complement and contrast with each other both at the same time. Trust us, if you wear this one you will become a head-turner. You will turn heads whether it’s your intention or not and people will start asking you where you got it from. The nice thing about our 18k gold plated cross pendants is the fact that it does not tarnish. This one in particular is made out of solid 316K stainless steel. And we all know stainless steel is the perfect material when making jewelry because there is no need for you to plate it. In addition, stainless steel is not prone to tarnish and more importantly it is one hundred and one percent hypoallergenic so you don’t have to worry about skin reactions and skin allergies while wearing it. Furthermore, in case you don’t know stainless steel is much more durable compared to gold and silver.


Price That Can't Be Matched

Also if you’ve noticed, all of our jewelry pieces are priced significantly lower compared to others. Yet despite our prices we can promise and assure you that our store only sells superior quality jewelry. We are very proud to announce that all our pendants are made from high quality materials, perhaps the same as the ones being sold in jewelry stores at malls only that ours cost half the price. Yes, we sell them at very affordable prices. You don’t need to rob a bank or take a huge chunk of your savings to be able to own cross pendants. We make accessorizing a breeze for you and we will also ensure that your shopping experience at our online store is made conveniently smooth and hassle-free.

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