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Hip Hop Celebrity Jewelry - Use Promo Code: HIPHOP20

Are you a fan of hip hop music who follows hip hop celebrities? Also, gets inspired by their music and taste in fashion and jewelry? Do you want to wear amazing jewelry like your favorite hip hop celebrity? In this case you found the right place to shop. Here at Niv’s Bling we have a huge collection dedicated to affordable lookalike, or replica of hip hop celebrity jewelry.

Read below to learn interesting facts about your favorite hip hop celebrities and their preferences in hip hop jewelry. Scroll up to see our collection of celebrity hip hop jewelry. If you find something you like, don't forget to use the Promo Code: HIPHOP20 to get a 20% Off discount off your full order at checkout. You can use this code for our entire jewelry collection. 

Travis Scott

Travis Scott Hip Hop Jewelry

Who doesn’t know Travis Scott? A young American rapper, singer, songwriter, and a record producer. He started his career at 16 with releasing his beats via MySpace. Soon after, he moved to Los Angeles deciding to drop out from The University of Texas in Austin. This is when his career skyrocketed. He signed to Epic Records and T.I’s own label, Grand Hustle. Co-produced tracks on G.O.O.D. Music’s debut album Cruel Summer, and released his debut solo mixtape Owl Pharaoh. In 2016 he released his album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. Scott is not only popular for his talent in hip hop music, but he also is known for showing how a true artist presents himself in public. He has appreciation for hip hop jewelry and is often seen wearing an impressive iced out chain. He is living not only for music, but also for fashion.

If you are looking for an iced out white gold cuban chain, you don’t need to look any further. You can purchase it from Niv’s Bling and it is not going to cost you a fortune. The 18K White Gold Iced Out Cuban Chain with its 734 Cubic Zirconia stones is indeed a dazzling accessory that will satisfy your fashion taste buds. It is a trendy and stylish head turner. Get this amazing chain without breaking the bank! If you noticed Travis’s massive Jesus piece, Niv’s Bling offers one just like it. Please check out our 18K Gold Iced Out Jesus Piece With Figaro Chain. This 3 Inch crowned Jesus encrusted with CZ stones will be your favorite hip hop pendent for years to come. It shines as if it was made from real diamonds and is the perfect size for those that want to be noticed.

Chief Keef

Chief Keef Hip Hop Jewelry

Chief Keef is another name that shook the world of hip hop music. He kicked his career off when he was 16 with a single track “I Don’t Like”. Viral videos helped him get noticed and a contract was signed with Insterscope. Keef produced a slow-rolling hit with 2011’s, Bang that became instantly popular. However, in 2011 young rapper was arrested for pointing a gun at a police officer. He had other violations and eventually Insterscope dropped him. This didn’t stop the release of his music. In 2017, he released “Two Zero One Seven.” There is no doubt that Chief Keef is talented and knows how to drive his career. He also is using every opportunity to show the world his preference in hip hop fashion. It is easy to spot him wearing rocking an iced out Cuban link bracelet, 1 row iced out chains, and the very popular Jesus+Angel Piece combo.

If you are looking for similar but affordable items, check out our 18K Gold Iced Out Cuban Link Bracelet. This piece is iced out with 165 AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia stones that gives this product an amazing shine. It is made of a solid brass core to ensure durability and is plated with real 18K gold. You can also check out our 18k Gold 1 Row 5MM Iced Out Chain. This item is an eye catcher. It contains 114 stones to bring some extra bling to your outfit. Niv’s Bling offers different sizes of this chain: 24”, 30” and 36”. If you want to complete your collection with the traditional combo, check out our 18k Iced Out Gold Angel and Jesus Piece Combo With Box Chain.

Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti Hip Hop Jewelry

Yo Gotti without doubt is one of the hardcore rappers who joined the hip hop world in the late ‘90s. He favors his thugged-out gangsta style inspired by Southern rappers. He is famous for favoring X-rated lyrics. Yo Gotti grew up in the northern part of Memphis and the dangerous neighborhoods had a strong influence on his style of performing and lyric. Yo Gotti produced his first album, From da Dope Game 2 da Rap Game in 2000. Soon after he signed with TVT and, in 2003, Dirty South Solders was released. He had few more albums released and in 2013 started to do it regularly. In 2016 White Friday (CM9) the first commercially available mixtape become available. Yo Gotti knows a great deal about hip hop fashion and catches everyone attention with his collection of hip hop jewelry. He often is spotted wearing a 2 row iced Cuban chain.

He knows how to combine iced out Cuban chains of different colors: gold, white gold, and rose gold. Niv’s Bling offers all three options. Check out our 18K Gold Iced Out Cuban Chain, 18K White Gold Iced Out Cuban Chain, 18K Rose Gold Iced Out Cuban ChainEach chain contains 734 Cubic Zirconia stones. It is no doubt the most dazzling type of chain in our collection. If you want to turn heads, you found your jewelry. The 18k Gold 2 Row Iced Cuban Chain Link Miami is a more intricate version of a Cuban chain. It has two rows of CZ stones in each inlay. This necklace looks like an exact diamond replica.


Offset Hip Hop Jewelry

Another popular rapper, who belongs to well-known trio called Migos from Georgia, is Offset. The trio was formed in 2009. All members of this trio are related and were raised together. They become very popular with the release of their 2013 single Versace. The other notable album is Young Rich Nation. In 2016, their single broke Internet facilitating the formation of memes. In 2017 the other album Culture debuted as the number one album on the US Billboard 200 chart. As you can already guess, Offset is popular not only because of his successful career in hip hop music, he knows a great deal about hip hop jewelry. He loves chains, and again browsing our collection of chains you can spot many that resemble Offset’s choices. He is a huge fan of large hip hop rings as well.

If you are looking for some additions in your hip hop ring collection, please check out the following options: The 18K Rhodium Gold Iced Out CZ Micro Pavé Ring is a masterpiece in Niv’s Bling collection of rings. It has 231 prong-set CZ stones, with the width of 19mm is loaded with stones. The combination of gold and stones create its glittering icy look. The other noteworthy ring is the 18K White Gold Plated Iced Out Presidential Ring. The dazzling ice speaks for itself. It is bold, epic, and arrogant ring that will add a sense of authority to your style. It looks and feels real without the steep price tag. The other option is the 18k IP White Gold Iced Out Stainless Steel Round Ring. This piece has enough ice to cause frostbite. It looks very expensive, but it doesn’t cost thousands. 


Quavo Hip Hop Jewelry

Quavo is another notorious member of the hip hop trio Migos. Just to make it clear, Offset is Quavo's cousin and Quavo is Takeoff's uncle. Quavo was the last member who joined the group. Quavo simply started to pass his mixtapes in school, which was not really taken well by his class mates. However, Offset liked his music and offered him to join the group. So the original name of the group, which was Polo Club was changed to Migos to incorporate the third member. The first full-length project the group released was a mixtape called Juug Season in 2011, and the next year it was No Label. In 2013, as it was already mentioned, Versace came out. After, the group really gained its popularity and ended up as number one on the US Billboard 200 chart with a studio album called Culture. Quavo is not an exception in the group. He also loves hip hop fashion and shows his unique preferences in hip hop jewelry. You can often see him wearing iced out grillz. He is a fan of gold and white gold Cuban link bracelets. He sure loves his white gold iced out presidential ring and gold and silver Cuban chains.

If you like Quavo’s style, check out our 18k IP White Gold Iced Out Stainless Steel Presidential Ring. This ring will never fade or tarnish due to its stainless steel construction. It has a look and feel of a ring made from real diamonds. The other option that might interest you is the 18K White Gold 1 Row Princess Cut Tennis Bracelet. This bracelet is classy, yet it attracts a lot of attention. The unique princess cut square ice allows you to be distinctive, but still stay under the radar. If you are looking for grillz similar to what Quavo is wearing, check out our .925 Sterling Silver Top Bottom Grillz. This set is real icy. It is a fully covered with clear simulated diamonds professionally set by hand.

Kid Ink

Kid Ink Hip Hop Jewelry

Kid Ink has been in the music business for just seven years, but he is killing the game since 2010 after getting the attention of DJ III Will, who automatically signed him under his own label, The Alumni Group. He first started as a lyricist and from there he climbed his way up. Now he is working with the biggest names in the hip hop music industry. In 2015, his collaboration with Fifth Harmony gained more than a billion views on YouTube. His song "Promise" featuring Fetty Wap has been streamed online for more than 129 million times. These videos helped him to grow his career tremendously. Kid Ink is really into hip hop fashion, tattoos, and jewelry. 

The Niv’s Bling 18K Gold Cuban Miami Chain Link Stainless Steel is very similar to the one Kid Ink is wearing. You can also spot Kid Ink wearing large rings. If you are looking for something similar and affordable, check out Niv’s Bling 18k Gold Iced Out Stainless Steel Concave Ring and 18k IP Gold Iced Out Stainless Steel Round Ring.

Kodak Black

Kodak Black Hip Hop Jewelry

Kodak Black's album Painting Pictures reached number 3 on the Billboard top 200 and sold 71,000 units in the first week. He was tagged to be one of the best young rappers when he was in high school. He also joined the hip hop group called Brutal Youngnz when he was 12. Later on, he gained popularity when Drake - one of the biggest names in the hip hop world shared a video of him dancing to his song “Skrt”. He landed a huge record deal with Atlantic records. What is impressive about Kodak Black is his ability to switch from singing to rapping.

Kodak Black is into fashion, tattoos and jewelry. A favorite of Kodak is a giant iced out Cuban link ring, similar to the Niv’s Bling 18k Gold Rhodium Iced Out Cuban Link Ring. This ring is made of jeweler’s brass core and plated with a premium 18k gold plating. Each stone of this ring has a breathing hole underneath it that creates refraction and reflection of light, which helps to create a brighter shine. It is not a secret that Kodak loves grillz especially made from gold. You can get the same vibe by wearing the 18k Canary Gold Top Bottom Grillz. It is made with Canary stones professionally set by hand. You can also spot Kodak Black wearing championship ring. If you are interested in something really similar, take a look at the 18K White Gold Iced Out Championship Pinky Ring. This ring is definitely bold and aggressive.


Tyga Hip Hop Jewelry

Tyga is one of the biggest names in mainstream hip-hop today. His love for music has always been there. He recorded his first song when he was 12 in his own closet and from there he pursued his dreams. He first started as an independent artist and later signed to a huge record label Young Money, which is known for housing huge stars like Nicki Minaj and DJ Khaled. He now owns his own label named Last Kings Records. Tyga believes that he owes his success to himself and calls himself a successful independent artist. 

Tyga is into luxurious things. On one of his interviews he stated that he is addicted to gold and maybe this is the reason why his name on social media is kinggoldchains. He is seen wearing solid gold and iced out massive chains. Tyga is also a fan of grillz. You can often see him wearing grillz similar to the .925 Sterling Silver Top Bottom Grillz. If you want to get the similar look without breaking your wallet, these are the grillz you want to add to your collection. He also likes the stud earrings style. Niv’s Bling has a perfect option that is very similar to the style of earrings favored by Tyga, the Stainless Steel Square Stud Earrings. These earrings will go with everything and will never tarnish.

Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty Hip Hop Jewelry

Lil Yachty gained his popularity when a soundcloud version of the “One Night” was used in a viral comedy video. This young rising star is doing pretty damn good for a 21 year old considering that he is signed to a huge record label and owns a pizza place. Lil Yachty is a big name in the hip-hop world; his album sold around 46,000 units in its first week. And in 16 months he earned around 13 million dollars. Yachty has a huge instagram following and one of the things that helped him gain so many followers in the first place is his talent and taste in fashion.

He loves to wear his cross with a wheat chain to add more bling to his outfit. If you are looking for a similar chain, please check out the 18K Gold Wheat Chain. Each link of this chain is twisted and intertwined, which creates an intricate look making this product so visually appealing. One of the favorites of Yachty is a solid gold grill that is very similar to the 18K Gold Stainless Steel 8 Tooth Grillz. This option looks flawless and expensive, but the price is affordable. Lil Yachty doesn’t just wear one necklace, he wears at least three of them at the same time. That’s a reason why a cross and a gold chain are a good combo if you are trying to copy his style. If you are looking for another chain to add to your collection, check out the 18K Gold Figaro Chain. This chain will give you an identical look of real gold without breaking your budget.


Jeezy Hip Hop Jewelry

They say old school hip-hop is still the best. The good example of this is the de facto leader of the southern hip hop group United Streets Dopeboyz of America (USDA) Jeezy. His career wasn't an overnight success; he worked his way up to be at the top of the game. He has a label imprint known as Corporate Thugz Entertainment (CTE). In 2001, he released his independent album Thuggin' Under the Influence. Many artists were also featured in that album such as Freddy J., Kinky B, Fidank, and Lil Jon, who also produced some of the tracks. He released another independent album two years later. The album has two CD's and that is remarkable for an independent artist. The following year he was signed to a record label named Bad Boy records and later he joined the group Boyz n da Hood, who released a self-titled album in 2005. Their album climbed high at the Billboard 200 and peaked at number 5 on the charts.

Jeezy is often seen on Instagram wearing gold necklace chains. One of the option you might want to take a look at, is the 18K Gold Cuban Link Chain. It is another classic hip hop necklace you can wear every day by itself for a retro look or you can mix it with any of our pendants for a modern appeal. Jeezy is often seen wearing a stunning Jesus Piece that suits his everyday style.  Niv's Bling offers a similar design and the best part is, it is very affordable. Check out the 18k Gold Mini Jesus Piece 4 With Rope Chain. This Jesus piece is iced out with 183 pieces of flawless simulated diamonds. It's the perfect option to fly up your outfit. 


Celebrity Disclaimer: Any celebrities featured on this page do not sponsor, endorse, or have association with Their images are used for informational purposes. You can see these images if you access Instagram profiles of these celebrities. Niv's Bling does not carry jewelry identical to celebrity jewelry in design or material. Niv's Bling respects intellectual property rights. If you are an owner, or third party owner and believe that you’ve had your rights violated by please contact us. 

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