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Gold Round & Square Diamond Studs and Hoop Earrings for Sale

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Gold CZ Earrings from Niv’s Bling

Everyone wants to rock a little bling from time to time. With rappers and singers constantly decked out in gold and sparkling in diamond chains, watches, and rings. People want to be able to imitate the styles of their favorite entertainers.  And some just want those diamond earrings that glitter in the sunlight and the gold hoop earrings that will get all the compliments at a party. But what customers don’t want is the hefty price tag that comes with solid gold and real diamonds. For the average person looking for quality jewelry at reasonable prices is a hard task. They can visit other retailers and be underwhelmed by the lackluster designs they offer and poor quality material used. To accept a product like that will ensure that the customer will be getting subpar merchandise that’ll lose its shine in a months’ time.  What they need to do is visit Niv’s Bling official website. Here shoppers can browse through their different styles and designs for gold and diamond earrings without worrying about the price. This site is perfect for that person who loves the flashy look but hates the flashy price of real gold and diamond items. People could be skeptical on how Niv’s Bling can keep their prices so low while still providing a solid product. The trick to Niv’s great pricing is in the way their jewelry is made.


High Quality and Affordable

Upon visiting the earring section of the website, a customer will be dazzled by the selection of gold and diamond hoop and stud earrings adorning the page. They all process a quality that is unique to this site. And some will then wonder why these great looking items only range in prices from $9.99 to $24.99. How can this company keep its margins so low for such elegant pieces? Niv’s Bling can keep the prices of their gold earrings low by offering gold-plated earrings in place of solid gold. This process allows jewelers to cover a base metal with a thin layer of pure gold through a process called electroplating. That coupled with artificially made diamonds known as cubic zirconia that rivals the look of natural diamonds to the naked eye causes the price of their well-designed products to reduce dramatically. This gives shoppers the looks and styles they want without obliterating their bank account.


Long Lasting Gold Shine

Some may be doubtful of the quality of gold-plated items. But gold plated jewelry has the advantage of being able to withstand the dents and bending that so often accompanies solid gold items. Pure gold is malleable and considered a softer metal which makes it relatively easy for solid gold jewelry to lose its shape. Plating a stronger metal in gold creates a much more durable product. The only issue that would occur is the wearing away of the gold-plate with time, but Niv’s Bling uses advanced gold-plating techniques that insure their jewelry lasts through many years of use. Also, it’s no task at all to have your favorite pieces re-plated in gold to keep them shining brightly for longer.


Our Earring Collection

Niv’s Bling has so many quality designs for their collections that customers have been buying up these show-stopping pieces. Their gold earring collection offers pieces in 18k gold. Each pair is artfully crafted so that there isn’t a gem out of place. They have simple pieces that everyone can enjoy, like the standard round or square diamond stud earrings. The diamond studs have a gold finish making them stand out just a little. These gold stud earrings offer a simple elegance with square diamond earrings that the shopper can customize to their size preference.

The collection also offers items that are unique to the website. Like the gold, Rhodium Iced out Square Kite studs. This flashy pair includes a kite-shaped frame with multiple small gems embedded in it. The frame can either be silver in the middle or golden all the way through depending of on how daring you want it to look.  The square diamond earring incorporates a thinner gold frame then the kite earring and includes more tiny diamonds embedded in the silver field. These earrings and their interesting shape could be the piece you’re looking for to make that bold statement when you walk into a room.

The diamond embedded gold hoop earrings can style up anything you decide to wear it with. The small hoop earrings have a deeper inlay for the diamonds making them a more reserved choice for a customer with subtle tastes. There are slightly bigger hoops that simply scream sophistication and that can be worn to a lovely event and receive a lot of attention. Anyone seen wearing these earrings will have a hard time keeping the eyes of the room from falling upon them.

Yet, the pieces most original to the collection are the iced-out round stud with its circular frame fully embedded with multiple diamonds, and the pyramid stud earrings. This one consists of a 3-D pyramid diamond encrusted shape on a square diamond encrusted field with gold plating around the sides. It is truly a lovely piece to behold and perfect for someone looking to stand out. And the best part of all is that anyone can have any of these great and artfully designed pieces for $25 dollars or less.


Our Promise to You

Niv’s Bling knows what the people want. Good quality jewelry at affordable prices. They do want it takes to provide this for their customers without sacrificing style or design and it’s for that reason they’re becoming one of the hottest jewelry retailers on the web. By keeping up with the latest trends and populating their site with the newest styles they’re able to offer pieces that can suit anyone. From pieces that are more subtle and simple to the bold and flashy pieces that get all the buzz and attention, this site has all the styles and designs a customer could want. So, whether you’re dressing up or down, theirs a design available for you. Just visit the site and shop now, these amazing pieces aren’t staying around for long.

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