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Gold Bracelets: Diamond Tennis Bracelets and Cuban Chain Bracelets

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It is historically and culturally acknowledged that people have always (and will always) expressed themselves through their appearance. From tattoos, someone’s personal style of clothing, and the overall aesthetic the try to create for themselves, this is an undeniable fact. Jewelry can also say a lot about a person. For example, people who wear watches appear to be well put together, professional, and punctual. Jewelry, like bracelets, can be great accessories and come in all sorts of variety. They are the perfect piece to spice up an outfit.  Bracelets can be custom designed to fit the customer’s preferences. They can be made from different materials, like plastic, cloth, and metals such as gold and silver. Niv’s Bling is a store that sells modern and trendy gold bracelets for men at an affordable price. These bracelets are high quality, but won’t empty your pockets.


Origin of Bracelets as Jewelry

Bracelets are a piece of jewelry worn on a person’s wrist. Bracelets may serve a function, like holding a watch, or charms, but they are also worn as decorative accessories. The word bracelet is translated from the Greek word “brachile” meaning “of the arm”. Bracelets can be traced back to almost every culture and civilization through time. It is believed that the earliest humans used the bones of their kills to wear as bracelets for trophies. Ancient civilizations like the Egyptians and Mesopotamia have been proven to wear bracelets back around 5000 BC. Back then, many of the bracelets were made from materials like stone, shell, and wood. Bracelets served various functions. For example, bracelets were used for religious importance, and often used for sacrifices and burials. Bracelets represented power and wealth among the ancient civilizations, and partially holds true to the modern day. They served as great gifts for friends and family.


Types of Bracelets in Different Cultures Worldwide

Bracelets are portrayed differently across various cultures. Asian cultures emphasize carvings of animals and mythical creatures into the gold cuffs. The Greek soldiers used a variation of bracelet to wear on their arms in battle as protective gear. Bracelets were also used as symbolism. For the Egyptians, bracelets meant protection and prosperity. They would bury their dead ones with this jewelry to take with them into their next lives. The Buddhist and Hindu believe in a kingdom called Shamballa, and with that comes bracelets. The Shamballa bracelets are filled with colored beads that each represent something different. For example, black beads are a symbol for strength.


Bracelets in Modern Day Fashion and Hip Hop

Back to the modern day, bracelets can still serve a purpose, but mostly they are used for decoration. Many of the cultural and historical bracelets have inspired the appearance of modern bracelets. Celebrities are popularizing jewelry from other cultures when wearing them for fashion.  Gold and diamond bracelets are popular among the hip hop jewelry trend. Celebrities like Kanye and Jay Z have been seen wearing these bracelets. Some celebrities even have their own lines of hip hop style bracelets. Bracelets like these celebrity’s wear can be found online in stores like Niv’s Bling for a much more affordable price. 


Bracelets with Diamonds and Precious Metals

One of the 20th century trends in bracelets is the diamond tennis bracelet. The tennis bracelets are thin bracelets with a single row of diamonds embedded into it. These kinds of bracelets are available in yellow gold, white gold, silver, and platinum. The embedded diamonds can also be chosen with different cuts and carats. They are also sized to fit on your wrist just perfectly. The materials and cut and carats of the diamond are what decide the price of this bracelet. Sometimes they can get really expensive if real carat diamonds are used for the bracelet. Niv’s Bling offers this style of bracelet at a more affordable price. This style of bracelet will match almost any outfit, so it can always be worn to look fashionable and in with the current trends.


The New Cuban Bracelet Design

Another popular bracelet in the modern day are Cuban chain bracelets. This bracelet is designed as a chain of links creating a circle. It comes in many different colors, while gold is the most popular. This type of bracelet can also be iced out, meaning diamonds and studs can be added on the outside of the links. These chain-linked bracelets are some of the hottest accessories in the hip-hop culture. Most of the artists can bee seen sporting these bracelets. The plain gold bracelet is simple and classic, but the iced-out bracelet adds a twist to the classic bracelet.


Niv's Bling's Promise to You

Most of these bracelets sound like they will cost a fortune. On many sites, they do. But Niv’s Bling is a site that offers these distinguished bracelets for an affordable price. The bracelets are made from less expensive materials like stainless steel and brass to balance the price. All the bracelets are covered in real gold plating. The iced-out bracelets are made using cubic zirconia, which is a type of stone that looks and feels just like diamond, but costs a lot less. In fact, the cubic zirconia is typically shinier and brighter than diamonds are. Using materials such as these make the jewelry much more affordable. These materials don’t even change the feel of the bracelet. It feels and looks just like it would be made from pure gold and diamonds. The materials used are some of the highest quality, but are still most affordable for the everyday person.

Wearing bracelets in today’s day and age is mostly for the fashion and accessorizing. These gold bracelets can be paired well with other gold jewelry or diamond jewelry. The color is also a versatile one and can be paired with almost any other color. The gold and diamonds can add a pop to any plain outfit. The various designs make each bracelet unique. These bracelets can run very high in cost, but if you order them at Niv’s Bling, then the materials used will help to save a fortune. The simulated diamonds look and feel just the same and are even brighter than regular diamonds. Now you can join in on the trend and match the hip-hop artists without breaking the bank. Shop at Niv’s Bling to find your bracelet today!

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