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18k White Gold and Silver Mouth Grillz and Single Tooth Caps

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In this category we introduce you to our modern and sleek silver grillz collection. Silver represents wealth and prestige. It is also seen as a metal of sophisticated and glamorous shade. Silver is very shiny and it’s also very versatile and modern; it speaks of beauty and timeless elegance.


Our Silver Grillz

It is no wonder why today you can spot silver grillz being sold everywhere. Our silver grillz collection comes in many different designs. One of which is our famous .925 Sterling Silver Vampire Dracula Fangs Grillz Set. This set is completely iced out and it comes with a bottom and a top piece that are made entirely out of sterling silver core and plated with high-quality rhodium plating. What stands out in this set is its Vampire Dracula Fangs, and even these are iced out for you. All of the clear simulated diamonds encrusted in this silver grillz set are set professionally by hand.


Customer Satisfaction

All of our silver grillz are one hundred percent nickel and lead free so you don’t have to worry about anything. You see, we pay very close attention in the production of our grillz to ensure that our customers get superior workmanship and more importantly so they will be satisfied with their orders. So far, we have not disappointed anyone and as a matter of fact our collection of loyal customers have grown overtime thanks to the power of word-of-mouth and even testimonies of those who have tried our products.


Quality At An Affordable Price

We all know that grillz can be quite expensive to the point that it would cost you thousands to even millions of dollars if you go to that extent. With these prices, you might as well rob a bank. We’re not saying investing in expensive grillz is a bad thing because there are really people who could afford it. But for the ordinary ones who don’t have thousands of dollars all ready to spare we can give you an offer you cannot refuse. Our store makes high quality grillz just the same as the expensive ones but only we sell them at reasonable prices. Rest assured, even when our silver grillz are priced significantly lower we do not compromise durability and quality. We are also very transparent about it.


Why Shop With Us?

If you click on an item you will see at the bottom of the page that there is a succinct description of every product so you will have a clear idea what it’s about, how it’s made and what it’s made of. All of our grillz regardless of metal base are made from high quality materials. We can assure you that you will never regret shopping from us. Besides, we won’t rob you off your money; we want you to get your money’s worth. So go out there and flaunt your sleek silver grillz and let the world know how nice it is to shop for silver grillz at a fraction of the cost. The price isn’t the basis for quality, knowing how the grillz were made, who made them at what materials were used that matter the most.

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