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Hip Hop Gold Necklaces and Chains - CZ Iced Out & Solid Gold

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Hip Hop Gold Chains Styles from Niv’s Bling

Hip hop gold chains are the only way to complete your swag. While gold chains come in various types, we will go through each popular style of gold plated necklace to help you decide which one best fits your style. From gold cuban chains to gold snake chains, Niv’s Bling has an extensive variety of gold plated chain necklaces to keep you looking fresh, 24/7. Niv's Bling always has gold hip hop chains available for sale. 


Gold Cuban Chains

Niv’s Bling gold cuban chains are perfect for everyday style. You can mix and match cuban style chains with almost anything such as wife beaters, denim jackets, graphic T’s; you name it. Niv’s Bling gold cuban chains are crafted from industry-grade 316L stainless steel and are held together with 18K IP gold plating. You can skip draining your bank because Niv's Bling cuban chains look just like solid gold. This type of chain can be worn alone to give you that retro styled look or can be paired with a pendant for some added flare. It comes in various thicknesses, from 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm to suit your taste. Our 18K Gold Cuban Link Chain is one of our popular chains of this style.


Gold Figaro Chains

The Figaro chain is a perfect add-on to any clothing. This popular necklace is made with Italian design in mind, giving you that elegance while maintaining casual enough to be worn daily. Every chain comes in 20, 24, 30, or 36 inches with a lobster clasp. Also available in various thicknesses, from 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. Our 18K Gold Figaro Chain, might be the one you are looking for.


Gold Rope Chains

Niv’s Bling is really taking hip hop gold chains to another level with their gold rope chains for men. Turned famous by Run DMC, these straight swagger gold rope chains will make strong first impressions on your style game. These stunning chains are offered in 2mm and 7mm thicknesses and can successfully top off every outfit. You can’t go wrong with solid 316L stainless steel and an 18K gold plating, for half the price of a real chain - that’s a steal. If you are looking for an old school vibe or a classic hip-hop collector piece, check out our 18K Gold Rope Chain. You can find both thick gold rope chains and thin gold rope chains. The thin version of the chain is often purchased with a pendent and the thick version looks great by itself. We have a selection of cheap gold rope chains on sale on a regular basis not because they are low quality but because we often have an old style awaiting to be replaced by the new style. 


Gold Snake Chains

Nothing makes a statement like a gold plated snake necklace, the Italian style snake chain. These smooth yet stylish gold hip hop chains will make you the freshest guy around. Niv’s Bling’s gold snake chains are offered in various lengths such as a 20, 24, 30, 36 inches with a 4mm or 5mm thickness. The gold snake chains are perfect for wearing it solo or paired with a fresh pendant. Made out of solid 316L stainless steel, and an 18K gold plate, this chain is the real deal and looks like it too. Looking for a perfect choice for any occasion that can be worn with any outfit, check out our 18K Gold Herringbone Snake Chain. This chain is thin enough to be worn alone or with a pendant.


Gold Franco Chains

It’s sleek, but still, shows you’re serious about your style game. Our gold franco chains, made with 316L stainless steel and an 18K gold plating. They come with a lobster clasp and a V shaped chain link. No one is going to doubt your gold plated franco necklace, Niv’s Bling gold Franco chains give off the real look of solid gold. The gold franco chain is an essential part of any hip-hop inspired outfit and it is the ideal companion to your getup. Seen on many rap artists, these chains are dominating the market in popularity with their flare and ease of adaptation to any clothing. Perfect alone, they also wear well with a pendant from our store. They come with a lobster clasp and are available in 20, 24, 30, and 36 inches in length. Not sure which one to select, take a look at one of our bestsellers - the 18K 4mm Gold Franco Chain.


Gold 1 Row Chains

Niv’s Bling gold 1 row chains is a real eye catcher. This iced out chain, with a 5mm prong set, displays over 114 sparkling stones. Available in 24, 30, 36 inches, this flashy gold plated necklace adds extra swag to your game. Niv’s Bling gold plated necklace will give the real feel and look of a solid gold without dishing out a ton of cash. Choose our 18K Gold 1 Row 5MM Iced Out Chain to add some extra bling to your look. This iced out chain will add the extra pop and style you need to your outfit. 


Gold 2 Row Chains

Dress to impress you crew with our 2 row gold plated necklaces. Made out of jeweler's best brass plates with premium 18K gold, this totally iced out look will make heads turn. Niv’s Bling gold 2-row chain looks exactly like real diamonds, you will be sure to catch looks where ever you go! Our 18k Gold 2 Row Iced Cuban Chain Link Miami looks like an exact diamond replica and will be sure to catch people's eyes.


Gold Box Chains

If you prefer a thick, solid chain, the gold box chains might be your ultimate choice. This chain is made out of 316L stainless steel, which is generally used for high-end watches, making your bling seem as real as the rap stars. Our 18K Gold Round Box Chain is one of the traditional Venetian box chains, which is ideal if you want a solid chain with a hefty thickness in its construction. Each square link is uniquely connected that provides a chic look to go with many styles of clothes. Choose from a variety of lengths, from 20, 24, 30, to 36 inches at either 4mm or 6mm in thickness.


Gold Wheat Chains

The gold wheat chains are an exclusive look. With each link twisted and intertwined, this gold plated necklace reveals an intricate fresh style. This chain is plated with 18K gold, and crafted uniquely with 316L stainless steel. You can only achieve real swagger with these hip hop gold chains. Sounds intriguing? Check out our 18K Gold Wheat Chain. You will love its exclusive design that will appeal to all of your outfits. Every link of this chain is twisted and interconnected in a mesmerizing visual display. Available in either a 2mm or 4mm thickness.


Popularity of Hip Hop Gold Plated Necklaces

If you don’t already know, gold plated chain necklace is the only way to show off swagger. Since the 80’s, gold chains for men have been the center of the hip-hop nation. Today you see rap stars like Jay-Z, Drake, ASAP Rocky, and Rae Sremmurd repping the tightest hip hop gold necklace! The most popular styles of gold chains for men seen on famous rap stars are the rope, snake, box, row, wheat, and Cuban chains. You won't see anything else being worn in today’s hot hip hop jewelry market. The rate at which a gold plated chain necklace has grown in popularity over the recent years shows how crucial it is to get your hip hop jewelry game up to speed.

Everyone wants to keep up with today’s popular hip hop gold necklaces, it’s the only way to keep positive impressions coming from your crew or girl. While gold chains evolve over time, their popularity never changes. In fact, they are hotter today than any other generation; even stars like Beyoncé and Rihanna are starting to pick up the gold chain swag. They’re popular for one obvious reason; they are straight shimmering and glowing with swag, everyone wants a gold chain swung around their neck to show off a bit.


Why Do You want to Buy Hip Hop Gold Chains from Niv’s Bling?

Besides turning heads the moment you roll up? Niv’s Bling delivers swag at its finest with their gold chains that are made to look like the real deal. No one will think twice about a Niv’s Bling plated gold necklace. Each chain is made with the highest quality 316L stainless steel so it will last our customers a lifetime. Our gold plated hip hop chains are plated with 18k Gold to guarantee your hip hop jewelry swag game is never put into question. Quality, durability, style, we deliver hip hop swag at its finest.


Why Niv’s Bling Gold Plated Necklaces: When Quality Meets Affordability

Niv’s Bling wants to bring you a new type of quality, high-class hip hop style; a men's gold plated necklace that does not flake, tarnish, or fade, is hypoallergenic, lead/nickel free, durable, and fresh and stylish all at the same time, at a price you can afford but still rep like your favorite rap star. We promise to deliver gold plated men’s necklace that is worth your every penny. Shop now to choose your new gold chain from Niv’s Bling’s impressive selection.


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