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Gold Necklaces and Chains- CZ Iced Out & Solid Gold

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Niv’s Bling is offering gold plated necklaces at affordable prices. Get the look and feel of solid gold necklaces at a fraction of the price. Order yours today!


Gold Chains

Our gold necklaces are popular for their shimmering beauty at an affordable price. Yellow gold chains became popular from as early as the 1800s and continues to thrive as a highly sought after piece of jewelry. Hip-hop music and its culture became introduced to American society, not only bringing in the lifestyle to many but the attire and jewelry as well. Many famous and well-known artists and groups often wear yellow gold chains, popularizing it for the masses. Run-D.M.C. , LL Cool J, and Mr. T are only a few of the hip-hop and rap artists who like to drape themselves in these fashionable chains.

Amongst the crowd of celebrities doused in various gold chains, there are the standouts that prefer to wear gold chains paired with Jesus Pieces, or ones sporting angel and cross pendants.

At Niv’s Bling we sell nothing but high quality manufactured chains and jewelry that is built to last without the heavy burden of debt to acquire something elegant. Our chains are plated to glisten and wear without breakdown and fading. Good for occasional use or everyday wear, we want you to be able to accessorize any outfit you own.


What We Offer

Niv’s Bling offers a wide variety of gold chains, with or without additional pendants. Our store keeps a hefty stock of men’s chains, all 18k gold stainless steel necklaces, 18k gold Cuban Miami link stainless steel, 18k 4mm gold Franco chains, hip hop chains, and many others.


18K Gold Herringbone Snake Chain

An Italian inspired gold snake chain that is stylish, yet simplistic in design. A perfect choice for any occasion that can be worn with any outfit. Each chain can be chosen in for different lengths, from 20, 24, 30, and 36 inches at a 4mm or 5mm thickness. Thin enough to be worn alone, or even with a pendant.


18K Gold Round Box Chain

A traditional Venetian box chain is ideal if you want a solid chain with a hefty thickness in its construction. Each square link is uniquely connected that provides a chic look to go with many styles of clothes. Choose from a variety of lengths, from 20, 24, 30, to 36 inches at either 4mm or 6mm in thickness.


18K Gold Cuban Link Chain

Our Cuban link chains are a staple in the classic hip-hop community and are fashionable, yet casual enough to be worn as a daily necklace. It can be worn alone to give you that retro styled look or can be paired with a pendant for some added flare. It comes in various thicknesses, from 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm to suit your taste.


18K 4mm Gold Franco Chain

An essential part of any hip-hop inspired outfit, the gold Franco chain is the ideal companion to your getup. Seen on many rap artists, these chains are dominating the market in popularity with their flare and ease of adaptation to any clothing. Perfect alone, they also wear well with a pendant from our store. The “V” shaped links create a thicker feel that catches the eyes of those you come around. They come with a lobster clasp and are available in 20, 24, 30, and 36 inches in length.


18K Gold Cuban Miami Chain Link Stainless Steel

Gold Cuban chains are a classic jewelry selection in the hip-hop and rap community that are fantastic for everyday use. Great as an alternative to an iced out chain or with a matching pendant for that modern styling, these 18k necklaces are plated to be hypoallergenic and are nickel/lead free.


18K Gold Wheat Chain

The wheat chain is an exclusive design that will appeal to all of your outfits. Every link is twisted and interconnected in a mesmerizing visual display. Available in either a 2mm or 4mm thickness.


18K Gold Rope Chain

Popularized in the ‘80s by Run-D.M.C. the rope chain has a unique styling to it and is essential to anyone’s jewelry collection. Looking for an old school vibe or a classic hip-hop collector piece, our rope chain is a timeless luxury. Comes in two thicknesses, either 2mm or 4mm, that will be sure to keep your style fresh.


18K Gold Figaro Chain

The Figaro chain is a perfect add-on to any clothing. This popular necklace is made with Italian design in mind, giving you that elegance while maintaining casual enough to be worn daily. Every chain comes in 20, 24, 30, or 36 inches with a lobster clasp. Also available in various thicknesses, from 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm.


Why Choose Us?

Each chain is made from solid 316L stainless steel, that is a durable material that will last you a lifetime. Our necklaces are essential in any wardrobe. The steel used is the same material used in many high-end watches and can withstand a great deal of stress at elevated temperatures. Our yellow gold chains utilize 18k gold plating to ensure your jewelry is protected and has the best shine to be shown off at any event. Unlike fake gold chains, our chains will not tarnish or fade over time. Our assurance specialists examine each chain that is made to make positive every sold item is free of flaws, damage, or errors such as broken clasps, links and scratches. Every chain is offered in a variety of sizes and widths to accommodate any style.

All of our chains are 18k gold IP (ion plated) and are hypoallergenic, lead/nickel free, and will not fade, tarnish, or flake over time. There is no use of toxic chemicals in the process of creating our gold plated jewelry, producing an identical look of solid gold, but for a fraction of the price.


Our Promise

We sell immaculate chains for a fraction of the cost. All of our necklaces are IP gold plated, meaning that they will not discolor or tarnish as time passes, giving you the realistic look without such a hefty price tag. It is possible now, more than ever, to purchase high-quality gold men’s chains that will personally suit your needs, giving you that necessary accessory to match any outfit and occasion. Shop now from our online store and we will ensure you’ll find the perfect piece!

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