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Solid and Iced Out Rose Gold Pendants with Chains

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In this category we are very proud to announce our limited yet highly select collection of rose gold hip-hop inspired pendants. We currently offer twelve uniquely designed rose gold pendants to suit your taste. So what’s so amazing about gold rose pendants? It brings a unique style to your everyday outfits. This is why you should you choose them over other metal bases such as yellow gold or white gold.


Going For Rose Gold 

Rose gold reached its zenith during the Mid-Victorian period, rose gold is widely being used today as the metal of choice used commonly for engagement rings and wedding bands because of its unique shade compared to the more common yellow gold and white gold rings. If you are still not convinced we encourage you to learn more facts about rose gold before you make up your mind.


Getting your Pennies Worth, Literally 

What is rose gold? In nature, rose gold does not exist. But it is produced through a combination of metals that includes yellow gold, copper and often times it includes zinc and silver. Rose gold has different shades ranging from copper red to blush pink. The intensity of the color will depend largely on the metals used in making the rose gold alloy. Rose gold is darker if the copper content mixed in it is higher and it turns light pink if it contains lesser amounts of copper or when you add zinc or silver to the mix. Rose gold is an amazing choice for individuals with warm skin tones and those with light skin tones. Rose gold also looks fantastic when contrasted against pale skin but it’s not a good choice for individuals with dark skin tones. Another great thing about rose gold is that you don’t have to worry about plating it like in the case of white gold. Most of the white gold jewelry pieces you see are plated with rhodium to achieve its bright white shade. Unfortunately, overtime the rhodium plating wears off so you need to replate it again to achieve its original color. This is not the case for your rose gold because you obtain the rose gold hue by amalgamating yellow gold with copper. In other words, rose gold is not plated and it will glisten and shimmer by polishing your rose gold pendant. There is no need for you to replate it. If you already own a couple of gold and silver pendants then now is the best time to give rose gold pendants a try.


Compromise Where You Can

The beauty of our store is that we do not compromise quality with the price we offer. Yes, if you take a good look at our jewelry pieces like in this case our pendants, you will instantly notice that the price range is incredibly cheaper compared to others. Yet despite its affordability we are proud to say that all of our rose gold pendants are top quality. These are the kinds of pendants you wished were available back in the days when all you did was ogle at the expensive ones showcased in jewelry stores at the mall.

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