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Hoop and Stud Hip Hop Earrings: Iced Out Gold, Silver, Gunmetal

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In this category, Niv’s Bling is proud to introduce our newest and trendiest collection of hip-hop inspired earrings. Albeit hip-hop earrings are somewhat new in the jewelry industry, sales and demand for these are skyrocketing owing to its unique style and elegance.

Our collection of earrings is truly one-of-a-kind that is why we are very excited to showcase our sparkling jewels for you to behold.


History of Earrings

Back in the earlier days, earrings were designed as small pendant types made out of silver or gold. These pendants were made to dangle and they were extremely popular among the men during the 80s. Fast-forward to the 90s and you will find men especially the hip-hop fanatics favoring the stud-type earrings embedded with glistening rocks over the dangling ones. Now the problem with these rock-embedded studs was the fact that the stones were made of poor quality and they were massive so you can easily spot the flaws and see its cloudiness.

However recently, innovative jewelry designers have started designing earrings with more accuracy and have given it more attention than they used to before. They are now creating studs with a purpose and earrings that hold timeless style and value. As you browse through our wide array of earring collection you will instantly notice that each pair of studs and hoops boasts of a distinct design and style; our earrings collection also features a number of carefully hand set rocks and elaborate details and inlays to suit your taste.


Earrings In Today's World

Men’s earrings were known as one of the first body modifications ever made. Hoops and studs remain to be an indispensable element in both street wear and hip-hop communities. Back in the earlier days when creativity was scarce, you will only find earrings of the same design but now it has evolved to include classic and modern shapes, shades and sizes.


What Types Of Earrings Do Niv's Bling Offer?

Our collection of studs and hoops are categorized according to the metal type of your choice as well as the design. We want you to enjoy your shopping with us that is why we made it easier for you by categorizing our earrings as studs, hoops, gold, silver and gunmetal. So if you are eyeing on a pair of silver hoops or studs, all you need to do is to click on the silver category. Each pair of earrings has a corresponding description at the bottom so you will know the metals and the elements incorporated in making the jewelry. This is also very important so you can understand why our jewelry are priced that way since the value will rely largely on how intricate the design is or the type of metal used as its base.


Why Buy Hoops And Studs From Us?

Here in our store we are very proud to say that our jewelry cost significantly less compared to other stores. This is because we want everyone to enjoy our accessories without creating a dent in your bank account. Despite our affordability we are confident that all of our jewelry pieces are made in the highest quality workmanship and so quality is never compromised. Why not complete the look with one of our iced out rings? Our rings are also high quality and affordable. We have styles ranging from hip hop inspired rings to tungsten wedding bands and much more.

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