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18k White Gold Stud Earrings, Hoops,Iced Out Hip Hop Earrings

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In this category we are proud to present you with our extensive collection of silver earrings. You might be wondering why we’ve included white gold in our collection. Well, the reason behind this is simple. It is because thousands of people love the shine and shimmer of silver jewelry earrings.


Timeless White Gold

Silver represents a modern twist to the traditional white gold. Its bright and silvery white shade is also very appealing most especially among the men. And what’s more is the fact that it costs significantly less compared to platinum and gold. We all know that gold is perhaps the oldest and the most in demand precious metals of all time. Gold has signified prosperity and wealth for a very long time. There are quite a number of artifacts dating back from ancient civilizations like in Greece and Ancient Egypt that showed gold’s association with deities and royalty. For years, it has become tradition to use yellow gold as the metal of choice for wedding bands and engagement rings all because of its inherent value and perennial beauty. White gold, on the other hand, is an option for individuals who prefer a metal with a silver hue so they can still honor tradition without compromising its beauty.


The Best Option For You

Since white gold is softer compared to platinum it’s easier to work with and jewelers won’t have a hard time crafting intricate and fine details to make the design you like. White gold is also relatively cheaper compared to platinum. So this is a very ideal option for individuals who are after the physical look of platinum but are tight on budget. And besides, the tradition and the heritage linked with gold are still there because white gold is still considered gold. In order to obtain the white silvery shade of white gold you need to mix yellow gold with other white metals like nickel and silver and manganese or palladium. If you come to think of it, pure white gold really does not exist since it is a result of an alloy or a mixture of metals. More often, white gold jewelry is plated with rhodium to give it an even shinier and whiter finish. If the white gold tends to lose its luster all you need to do is to re-dip it again and re-plate the rhodium. If you don’t do this quite regularly the white gold jewelry will go back to its original base metal, which is yellow gold. Although you might think of this as a hassle, it’s the only way to restore the original shimmer of your white gold. Besides, it’s not that expensive and usually jewelers offer to do it for free most especially if you got the item from their store. We pride ourselves of our silver earrings collection and we are very confident that you will find a pair or more than a pair that you’ll like.

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