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Accessories are an important part of anyone’s style. Whether you want flashy bling or just some accents to your wardrobe, we have the perfect accessory for you.


History of Street Wear

Street wear is a distinct style of fashion that has its roots in Californian surf and skate culture. Over time, this style of fashion has evolved to include elements of hip hop fashion and other styles. One common trend in street wear is casual and comfortable pieces such as t-shirts, jeans, caps, and sneakers. This style evolved in the 90s with the introduction of Los Angeles Raiders and Chicago Bulls caps and jackets from the sports franchises. The Bling culture of the early 2000s helped to establish luxury brands such as Burberry, Gucci and Fendi in this space as well as record labels’ clothing lines such as Phat Farm, Rocawear, and more.


Modern Street Wear

The street wear style of today may differ greatly from the style of its roots, but the casual theme has carried over. Today’s style is about feeling comfortable in casual clothes and our street wear collection helps to embody that feeling. Whether you’re looking to match your hip hop inspired outfit or looking for less flashy, more comfortable solid style chains, we got them.


What Street Wear Does Niv’s Bling Offer?

We offer Bracelets, Chains, Pendants, and Rings to complement any street wear style. We offer Cuban Chains, Bracelet, and Rings as well as cross pendants, bullet pendants and chess pendants. All of our pendants will fit a variety of chains, however we feel that the rope chain best complements the street wear pendants. If you’re not interested in pendants, you can check out selection of chains such as our Cuban chains, snake chains and rope chains. Want a ring or a pendant instead? We offer both rings and pendants in Cuban link styles for this collection.


Why Buy From Us

Shopping for the jewelry you want has never been as easy as it is now. With so many choices in life, we decided to help simplify your jewelry choices to help match your fashion style and personality. The jewelry in the street wear collection is perfect for those looking to up your style while maintaining that comfortable and casual look. Why throw your money into a fire if you don’t have to? Our products look good, are made to last and come in at reasonable and affordable prices. Look great without breaking the bank and use the money you saved for another accessory or a hobby that you enjoy.


What Is The Most Popular?

Cuban Chains and Bracelets are by far our most popular items in the street wear collection. With hundreds sold and more leaving the warehouse, you’re sure to turn heads and get compliments on this classic piece. Don’t get left behind in style, get yours today at Niv’s Bling!

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