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18k Gold Pendants: Jesus Pieces, Tiger, Buddha, and Angel Pendants

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In this category we will showcase our collection of gold pendants. At our store we promise you that all of our gold pendants are plated with 18k gold. 18k gold is widely used in making gold jewelry because of its rich appearance and durability.


Enjoy Gold Pendants Without Breaking The Bank

Apart from these two, settling with 18k gold saves you a lot of money while giving you the same lustrous look of gold of a higher karat. As you can see, all of our gold jewelry pieces are priced significantly lower compared to other brick-and-mortar shops. The reason for this is no mystery; we want you to enjoy gold jewelry without robbing you off of your money. We want you to have the liberty and the pleasure to accessorize even if you are tight on budget. The rich and famous are not the only ones who can get to possess gold jewelry. Today, we make that possible for you through out collection of affordable jewelry. Also, it is worth mentioning that just because we sell them at affordable prices does not mean quality durability and design are compromised.


 Why Buy Our Gold Pendants?

We urge you to click on the pendant of your liking and read the product descriptions very carefully so you will be guided what that jewelry is all about and how it was made and what materials were used to make it. All women and men should invest in gold jewelry for two chief reasons. One is that we’re pretty sure you have heard it before; gold jewelry will look absolutely good on anyone who wears them. Also, gold jewelry is a symbol of success and nothing spells success more blatantly than wearing gold around your neck especially with a golden pendant hanging in it. The second reason why we think investing and wearing gold jewelry is because of gold’s store of value. The longer you have it the pricier it’s going to get.


What We Offer

Included in our vast collection of gold pendants are the following: 18k Gold Canary Iced Mini Jesus Piece 7 With Chain, 18k Gold Iced Mini Jesus Piece 7 With Chain, 18k Gold Angel Wing Pendant, 18k Gold Tiger King Lion Pendant, 18k Gold Tiger Lion Roar Pendant, 18k Gold Tiger Lion Pendant, 18k Gold Micro Pave Lion Panther Pendant, 18k Gold Micro Pave Circle Lion Pendant, 18k Gold Iced Out Buddha Pendant With Chain, 18k Gold Iced Out Mario Star With Chain, 18k Gold Jesus Piece 9 With Chain and many more. You can shop all these and more at our store.


 Why Buy From Niv's Bling?

If you take a look at our price range you know that our prices are consumer-friendly so you can shop to your heart’s content without feeling guilty about it. This is your chance to really splurge on jewelry without taking a huge chunk of your savings. Rest assured that our vast collection of gold pendants is always up-to-date so you can shop for the latest and trendiest styles and designs available. You’ll never be left behind in the trend if you shop at our store. And with the extensive array of inlays and designs we’re pretty certain you will come up with something you will fancy.

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