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Guardian Angel Jewelry - Pendants and Charms with Necklaces

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Our Collection of Iced Out Angel Pendants with Chains

Our high-quality angel wing pendants and charms come with a FREE necklace and lifetime warranty against tarnishing. These are a perfect choice for any occasion so shop now!


About Guardian Angel Jewelry

The centerpiece of hip-hop jewelry is the pendant, because it sits around the center of the torso, attracting other’s attention. Pendants are made from many precious metals, but the most popularized is yellow gold, usually covered in precious gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, or emeralds.

Originally made to be worn underneath the shirt, pendants such as crosses and angels were placed next to the heart on the chest, but as times have changed, trends have as well, moving to the new trend where the jewelry is out, rather than away. Hip-hop culture has brought upon the move to open neck jewelry, and the openness of expressing his/her religion on their chest. Pendants such as angels praying are ways to not only flash style and bling, but to also latently display their faith in a modern elegance.


Angel Pendants as Part of Hip Hop Jewelry and Culture

Hip-hop jewelry began in the ‘70s with DJ Kool Herc who introduced hip-hop to the world. Then, around the early ‘80s, hip-hop began evolving from an underground music scene to a mainstream form, with legends such as Kurtis Blow popularizing chains with oversized pendants. Rappers like Slick Rock and Run DMC also wore gold chains, furthering the scene for hip-hop jewelry, and by the time the ‘90s rolled in, hip-hop jewelry trends became that of Cuban link chains, platinum necklaces, and pendants to help differentiate themselves even more.

The ‘90s helped popularize not only chains and pendants/medallions, but also the stylish addition of adding diamonds to any jewelry item, whether it was earrings, rings, necklaces, grills, or pendants. Artists such as Jay-Z, Diddy (Puff Daddy; P. Diddy), Juvenile, and The Hot Boys all wore luxurious, blinged out fashionable jewelry laminated in diamonds. Like with gold chains, when it comes to diamonds, the more, the better. Diamonds are a sign of financial status, so the more iced out a piece of jewelry is, the higher the stature you sit among everyone. Most blinged out jewelry, such as charms, are usually filled with diamonds, if not, Cubic Zirconia (a laboratory produced replica) that still brings the same visual appeal, but at a much smaller cost.

By the time the ‘00s were here, artists were beginning to transition into wearing more pendants and medallions to represent their labels, sports, cartoons, and religions, usually covered in stones. Rappers have been seen to use different types of pendants to showcase their allegiances to certain labels, with some labels known to advertise their own branding, like Roc-A-Fella and Death Row, as well as artists on OVO wearing owl pendants, while others such as Meek Mill sporting Dream Chaser pendants.

Rappers such as Lil Jon have worn extensive pendants to show off their wealth and money. One that stands out amongst the crowd, was his five-pound pendant, specially designed by his Beverly Hills jeweler, Jason Arasheben. Lil Jon’s pendant was laced with 3,756 white diamonds, round-cut, being named the largest diamond pendant to date by the Guinness Book of World Records.


Angel Pendants as a Fashion Trend Today

As of today, the trend continues with more bling jewelry, such as delicate rope chains, to more customizable Cuban chains, Jesus Pieces, and angel pendant necklaces. Hip-hop jewelry is all about extravagance and expression of a luxurious lifestyle and character, so the more jewelry, the louder the expression. As for pendants, the larger and more decorated the pendant, the easier to be recognized and admired for your magnificence. Iced out angel charms, angel wing necklaces, and guardian angel necklaces all show support for a religion while still maintaining that necessary display of wealth. Iced out charms and pendants are only made of the best materials because it is a statement synonymous with class and luxury.


Our Recommendations of Styles

Our hottest item is the 18k white gold praying angel iced out pendant, as it is the perfect combination of elegance and glimmer. If you are wanting to feed that hip-hop fanaticism, invest yourself into one of these iced out angels to pop whatever chain you are sporting.

The angel pendant not only catches people’s attention, but is also well made from a solid piece of jeweler’s brass that is then plated in thick 18k gold. If you are looking to accessorize and point those around you to what you are wearing, feel confident in this pendant at doing its job. Some prefer to have chains that hang, while others prefer a shorter cut, it is up to you depending on your style. Regardless of your preference, we will find something to suit your needs.


Buying from Niv's Bling

We offer not only a large variety of necklaces and pendants, but we also have the best prices for the quality of jewelry you are obtaining. Every piece of jewelry, regardless of the type, is handpicked and inspected for flaws, errors, and scratches. Nothing is sold without first having our professional jewelers on staff to analyze, set and choose the best piece to be offered to our customers.

All of our pendants are safe for individuals with sensitive skin and those susceptible to irritation from precious metals, as all of the materials used are free of lead/nickel and are hypoallergenic. Coated in an IP, or ion plating, each pendant is absolute and real to the eye and feels as if it was a solid gold piece. The plating is thick to provide a lasting shine that is also durable and resistant to wear over time. Every stone set into the pendants are placed in by hand by a professional jeweler that chooses only the most flawless of manufactured stones for each item. Cubic Zirconia stones are identical to the eye and are colorless, so they appear to be genuine diamonds, and can withstand impact and stress. We supply an assorted collection of angel pendants to fit any style, that we guarantee are of the utmost quality to exceed your expectations.

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