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Solid Grillz: 18k Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold and Black Mouth Grillz

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In this category, we introduce you to our collection of solid grillz. Our solid gold collection of grillz is completely plated with 18k Gold to give you that rich and sleek look. You can have the option to choose between gold, white gold, black gold and rose gold.


What Type of Grillz Are In This Collection?

Included in our solid collection are the following: 18k Gold Stainless Steel 6 Tooth Grillz Set, 18k Gold Stainless Steel 8 Tooth Grillz Set, 18k White Gold Stainless Steel 8 Tooth Grillz Set, 18k Black Gold Stainless Steel 6 Tooth Grillz Set, 18k Black Gold Stainless Steel 8 Tooth Grillz Set, 18k White Gold Stainless Steel 6 Tooth Grillz Set, 18k Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel 8 Tooth Grillz Set and last but definitely not the least our 18k Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel 6 Tooth Grillz Set.


Stainless Steel Grillz

As you’ve noticed, all of our solid grillz collection is made from stainless steel. Here are some of the reasons why we resorted to using stainless steel as our metal base. Stainless steel is closely competing with gold in the jewelry market because of its vivid, silvery polish as well as its resistance to stain. More and more men and women today are shopping for stainless steel jewelry pieces as fashion accessories compared to other metals. Why? Perhaps others reasons why people consider stainless steel as their metal of choice is because of its non-reactive surface and hypoallergenic finish. You see, stainless steel is considerably strong that it can be used daily as industrial parts or as household items. And because it possesses exponential strength a lot of people become fond of stainless steel as their choice of material in jewelry. Its ability to resist scratching gives jewelers the opportunity to be creative by adding etched or brushed finishes to add to its beauty and it can last for years.


Why Stainless Steel Over Other Materials?

Back in the days stainless steel is mostly known as flatware but today you can see stainless steel widely used in aviation and architecture and in the industry that requires a heavy and strong metal that is resistant to corrosion. Most people are drawn to stainless steel partly because of its association with architectural and industrial uses. Even though body jewelry and fashion jewelry are mostly made from stainless steel the alloy has also become famous for jewelry that are donned for a lifetime. Stainless steel wedding jewelry provides tremendous durability and luster of a precious metal in a very appealing way and it’s also a great alternative for expensive metals because of its affordable price. So there you have it, a recap why stainless steel makes an excellent metal base for our grills.


Why Wear Our Grillz?

Aside from the fact that it is less reactive, stainless steel is also resistant to tarnish and you can depend on its durability. The whole point of accessorizing is to help make you look pretty, to make you feel confident and to grab attention among others and with those in mind we have dedicated all of our jewelry pieces in sync to these specifications. As you have noticed, every accessory is designed and constructed accurately and without flaws.

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