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Iced out and Solid Affordable Brass 6 Teeth Grillz

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Looking to add some shine to your smile without breaking the bank? Our collection of premium mouth grills will help you stay on top of your game. Whether you want that solid or iced out diamond look, we got the hottest quality gold teeth for sale here at Niv’s Bling. Our unique one-size-fits most options give you the flexibility of fitting at home without dental molds. Whether you are looking for a 14k or 18k gold look or even a white gold or silver look, we got you covered. Our grillz for your teeth are made from either brass or sterling silver with premium ion plating to ensure a lasting shine and real look. We got tops, bottoms, sets, singles, and even fangs. Check our styles below!

At Niv’s Bling, we are proud to introduce to your our collection of gold teeth grillz. What better way to add shine to your smile than to invest in gold grillz? Here at our store we offer you a wide array of grillz that come in different sizes at very affordable prices. Ever since hip-hop superstars like rappers Lil Wayne and Birdman started wearing grillz, these gold teeth grillz are slowly and gradually rising in popularity. As a matter of fact, a lot of rappers have turned this into a prevalent staple in their clothing. It has turned into a prevalent staple in the clothing of many rappers. Gold grillz have grown to be a principal aspect in the tradition of hip-hop along with gold chains and huge medallions. These glitzy mouthpieces that you see artists wear are extremely expensive that it can cost up to 500 thousand dollars. Why would you waste so much cash over gold grillz you ask? Each year both of these music giants are performing excellent jobs in the moneymaking music industry and they garner a huge amount of money owing to their music projects. The net value of Lil Wayne is reported to be around $110,000,000. This implies that these two really can pay to get costly grillz. If you are curious to know why these grills for teeth are so costly this is actually the answer. These high-priced signature teeth are covered with fine diamonds, gold and platinum. The grills you see them wear are not pop out accessories, as you would think. In fact, real teeth back these pricey grills. You can get the same grills at half the price if you know where to find them especially for average individuals who cannot buy very costly grills. It isn’t required that you shell out funds on grills if you do not have sufficient cash. It is vital to keep in mind these gold teeth grills ought to be put in by a specialist coming from the dental care sector. Although getting one will surely increase the cost, rest assured that it gets fixed securely. Here at our store we don’t ask for $110,000,000 from you. In fact we wont’ even demand for hundreds of dollars. At our store you can shop for glimmering and sophisticated hip-hop inspired grillz for nothing more than $30. Yes, you read that right. We don’t sell grillz for more than that amount. We offer this as an opportunity for all hip-hop aficionados out there so you can enjoy accessorizing without robbing the bank. At our store we offer different designs of gold grillz to suit your taste. If you are rooting for an iced out look encrusted with stones or if you are after the more traditional solid look, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Why look for grillz elsewhere when you know you can shop for a lot less here at our store? Our grillz are one-size-fits and this provides you with the elasticity of fitting it in your home without the need for dental molds.


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