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14k Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold Iced Out Medusa Pendants

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We are proud and ecstatic to introduce to you our wide collection of hip-hop inspired pendants. All of our pendants come in many different shades and styles. Browse through our select collection of Mini Angel pendants, the famous Jesus Pieces and of course our best selling Medusa heads, all these and more at our official website.

Every hip-hop enthusiast should own at least one hip-hop pendant. But a word of caution; as you grow in enchantment with hip-hop jewelry you will find yourself insatiably wanting and yearning for more, that’s for sure. There will always be that part of you that wants to glean more and as much as possible own every new design you lay your eyes on. When you shop at our store, you can do just that because we sell hip-hop inspired pendants at very affordable prices. The pendants you see celebrities wear such as Jay-Z and Kanye West can be found here at a fraction of the cost. Yes, you read that right. We believe that accessorizing doesn’t have to mean you’ll rob a bank or feel guilty after you’ve spent extravagantly over a piece of jewelry. With us, you can guiltlessly shop without taking a huge chunk of your savings. And don’t worry, just because we sell our jewelry pieces at very reasonable prices it does not mean the quality and the design are made of poor quality. On the contrary, our materials are made from the highest quality materials to ensure that it will last for a long time. Each pendant is carefully crafted to make sure that soon as it reaches your hands you will find yourself coming back to shop for more. At our store we deliver the trendiest and most fashionable hip-hop pendants in the market and we stick to our promise of keeping our designs modern and up-to-date while also catering to the old souls who adore classic designs. Our wide range of pendants is carefully planned and designed using cutting-edge technology to make sure each piece offers its most lustrous shine and unquestionable durability. We’ve categorized our pendants based on design and metal type to make your shopping experience a breeze. So if you are looking for a Jesus Piece all you need to do is to click on the Jesus Pieces category. The same goes if you are currently looking for Angel pendants then all you need to do is to click on the Angel category and so on and so forth. It is also worth noting that all of our pendants are plated with 18k gold. We decided to plate them to make our jewelry pieces affordable for you. Each pendant shines a brilliant shade of gold, silver, gunmetal and rose gold to suit the color of your choice. So yes, if you have always idolized P.Diddy, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Birdman for their taste in jewelry well now we offer you an opportunity to copy their style without spending a hundred thousand dollars over a single piece. Thanks to our store, you can shop for the same line of hip-hop pendants even those embedded with ice at such a low price.


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