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Gunmetal Rings: Gunmetal Engagement Rings, Iced Out, Tungsten Rings

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Our extensive collection of gunmetal rings is increasingly gaining popularity due to its unique inlays, designs, and finish. Each of our gunmetal and black rings are carefully crafted to ensure that you get the highest quality workmanship and a product that you would be proud to wear wherever you go.

Different Types of Gunmetal Rings

If you are hoping to shop for a gunmetal ring whether you intend to use it as an engagement ring, a wedding band or simply for the sake of accessorizing, do not worry because here we got you covered. If you’ve noticed, majority of our gunmetal rings have stainless steel and tungsten as its metal base. Why did we choose these particular metals you ask? So what’s so nice about stainless steel jewelry? Well, stainless steel is very affordable yet despite its low price it offers amazing strength. That is why it a metal commonly sought out in making wedding bands as it can withstand everyday wear. Furthermore, stainless steel is known to be tarnish and scratch resistant. There are also a number of finishes that are available for stainless steel like in this case gunmetal; other colors include white, black and silver.


How Did Tungsten Rings Come About?

As for tungsten, tungsten is a metal that is used for making machinery and manufacturing tools. But in the last couple of years, this metal alloy has been used to make beautiful pieces of jewelry. During its introduction, tungsten wasn’t that popular but today especially among the men it is slowly making a name for itself in the jewelry market. Men prefer tungsten rings to other metals because of its impressive durability and strength. It’s also a common choice for men to go for tungsten rings as wedding rings because of its uniqueness and besides tungsten rings come in various patterns and styles.


So What’s So Great About Tungsten Rings?

Again, one of the greatest advantages of rings made out of tungsten is its impeccable durability. Tungsten is very, very strong and they would never bend unlike rings made out of different metals. Aside from this, tungsten rings do not scratch that easily and they are also highly resistant to tarnish. These are just some of the many reasons why tungsten rings are very popular among men. In our store we are offering you an opportunity to shop for the metal of your choice and the finish that you prefer. If you have always been fascinated with gunmetal then now is the best time for you to shop for one.


Why Buy Our Rings?

All our rings are made from superior quality workmanship and we are pretty confident that you will not regret shopping for us. Another important thing we failed to mention is that our rings offer a comfort fit allowing the user to wear our hip-hop inspired gunmetal rings without the irritating feeling you normally would get from most rings. Just simply browse through our collection of gunmetal hip-hop inspired rings and see for yourself. This blacked out style may not be for everyone though. If you want to get something a bit more flash, check out our gold rings for more flashy, but classic looking rings.

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