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Stainless Steel AP Style Watches: 18k Gold, White Gold, Black Watches

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Make your mark in time with these wonder and unforgettable pieces. Iced Out with over 950 sparkling Cubic Zirconia stones, these wristwatches are sure to get you spotted. Whether you are looking to up your hip hop style or just show off, these watches will do it all.

In this category Niv’s Bling is proud to announce our latest collection of hip-hop inspired watches. As of date, we have three impressive and beautifully designed time pieces. Each watch has a different gold plating to suit your individual needs. Your wrists are going to sparkle with our iced out watches. Wouldn’t it be nice to check what time it is and see that what you are staring at is a shiny and glimmering bling of a watch? You see gone are the days when wristwatches looked mediocre. People tend to believe that it does not have to loo glamorous to serve its purpose. However, today the hip-hop community has reinvented ordinary time pieces by ornamenting them with different kinds of jewels and other whatnot and plating them with different kinds of gold according to your predilection. In our case, our iced out watches collection is ornamented with over nine hundred fifty shimmering Cubic Zirconia stones. When you wear these wristwatches, everyone’s eyes will be on you. So whether you are adding your watch as part of your hip-hop ensemble or you just want to show it off, rest assured that these watches will do all that work on your behalf. If you are rooting for a smooth, stylish and polished look then you are definitely going to get what you are hoping for with our fashionable stainless steel time pieces. Our stainless steel watch collection is the best accessory for your wrist and what’s nice about it is that it will look good in any outfit, that’s for sure. Wearing an iced out watch will also elevate your look in an instant. Our watches possess the bling quotient that will stand out against any setting and against any shade. And yes, our hip-hop watches are fully iced out and we are proud to tell you that each watch is set with nearly nine hundred fifty iridescent Cubic Zirconia stones that would make an enchanting combination. These stones encrust the suave and sleek silver wristband as well as its dial. Our hip-hop watches would make the perfect addition to your growing hip-hop accessory collection. We are confident that our watches will make you the center of attention and the envy of your clique. Be prepared to handle questions about where you got it from and how much you paid for it because those questions are going to flood you soon as you start donning your iced out watches. Included in our collection are the following: 18k AP Style Black Gold Stainless Steel Iced Out Watch, 18k AP Style Gold Stainless Steel Iced Out Watch and last but definitely not the least the 18k AP Style Stainless Steel Iced Out Watch. Again, all of our watches are made from solid-polished 316L surgical stainless steel. This is the exact same material being used in making modern wristwatches. As you can see our watches are plated with 18k gold (black gold/gold) through the IP process. The IP process by the way is by far the most advances technique in plating that is designed to last for a long time. Our watches are also hypoallergenic to ensure that you won’t experience any skin reactions while wearing it. In a way and as you can see it, our watches look exactly like the real solid gold only ours are priced significantly less. So why shop elsewhere when you can get your watch from us at half the cost? Include one of the iced out bracelets from our vast collection of beautifully crafted and affordable bracelets for a wrist that truly shines bright.


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