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18k Gold Micro Pave Rhodium Prong Grillz



This totally iced out grillz are available in Top or Bottom and you can add both to your cart to make the set. These grillz made from a brass core plated with premium 18k gold plating and rhodium prongs. This set is real icy, with a fully covered front with clear simulated diamonds, all professionally set by hand. Our grillz are lead and nickel free. You get the same look and feel as real grillz without breaking your wallet. A real one can costs thousands vs a fraction of the price. Our 18k Gold Micro Pave Rhodium Prong Grillz Set are made with high quality materials.



Material Finish

18k Gold Plated

Weight in Grams



Top: 53mm flat, 49mm bent Bottom: 42mm Flat, 38mm Bent

Stone Type

Cubic Zirconia



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